New York apartment rental: rent an apartment in NYC for a short or long stay

New York apartment rental: find the perfect place for your stay

When it comes to short-term apartment rentals, you can find your happiness rather easily on the Internet. Indeed, many accommodations are available for a period ranging from one night to several weeks. This is of course the case in hotels, but you will also find a wide choice of apartments, just to make you feel at home!

Warning: prefer Booking to Airbnb!

There is one point on which I allow myself to insist. This concerns the famous Airbnb site. You have surely heard of the latter before, and maybe use it on your travels around the world.

Note that since 2016, a law against Airbnb has been passed by the city of New York. Indeed, the law punishes users of the site offering their accommodation for rent for a period of less than 30 days if they are not in the apartment. The fine is steep for those who do not want to respect the law: 7.500 dollars. What to cool more than one!

It is therefore important that you keep in mind that ALL accommodation rented on Airbnb for a period of less than 30 days is illegal, with the exception of those offering a room with the locals (i.e. the owner is present in the apartment for the duration of your stay).

What consequence if I still rent an apartment for a short period on Airbnb you will tell me? Well, it's very simple, if a check is made during your stay there, you will simply be ordered to leave the premises (and therefore to find new accommodation with all the complications that this implies)

To sleep and stay serenely in New York during your vacation, I advise you to orient yourself instead towards Booking.

My Top 5 apartments on Booking

To help you find a little piece of paradise for your stay, I have listed my favorite apartments in the Big Apple below. It's up to you to choose the one that suits you best!

Apartment 168, good value for money

Located in the heart of the Hell's kitchen, ten minutes walk from Times Square and a stone's throw from Penn Station, Apartment 168 has an optimal location.

Regarding the equipment of each apartment, note that they all have a flat screen, an equipped kitchen and a nice bathroom.

In addition, WiFi is included, and the building also has a gym and a shared lounge. And to get around the city, you can take metro lines A, C or E, located a few steps from the apartment.

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The East Village Apartments, the luxury option

A stone's throw from Soho, Greenwich Village and Washington Square Park are the East Village Apartments. An optimal location for shopping enthusiasts and if you want to reside in midtown Manhattan.

Very charming, they have an equipped kitchen, comfortable bedrooms and WiFi connection included. You will also find a flat screen and even a computer at your disposal. And if you want to admire the view, know that some apartments also include a terrace.

And to get around, nothing could be easier! The East Village Apartments are located right next to the 2nd Avenue and Bleecker Street subway stations.

In short, this is a very good option for the price / quality ratio, so don't hesitate!

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AKA Sutton Place, for a dream apartment

The Sutton Place offers spacious, designer and more than pleasant apartments in the heart of Manhattan. You can choose between apartments offering one or two bedrooms, and will enjoy a beautiful equipped kitchen. You will also find a gym in the residence, as well as a sauna and even a swimming pools ! Enough to spend a rather luxurious stay.

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The Beekman Towers, for a central location

One of my favorite apartments in New York is also the Beekman Apartment. The latter, located in Midtown, offers comfortable and functional accommodation for a superb New York stay.

You can enjoy a living room, a beautiful bathroom, an equipped kitchen and an internet connection included. And if you have the soul of an athlete, then take a look at the gym offered by the establishment!

The bonus of Beekman Towers is that the property accepts pets. You are unlikely to travel with your dog or cat, but you never know!

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HGU New York, my favorite New York loft

Finally, I slip you into this Top 5 my favorite loft in New York! This is the HGU New York, whose Beaux-Arts-style building is sure to charm you.

Luxurious furniture, marble, works of art, a delicious restaurant and cocktail bar… Believe me, you will hardly get out of this hotel!

That said, it's located right next to the Empire State Building, so don't miss it!

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I hope I have guided you in your choice with this selection of my favorite apartments in New York. Now let's see what are the rules for renting an apartment to live in New York.

Renting an apartment in New York over time: how does it work?

Not only are you going to New York, but you also plan to live there for a while? So consider yourself doubly lucky! However, finding accommodation can be tricky, especially if you are doing your research remotely. That said, rest assured, it is not impossible. Also, you will also be able to find accommodation directly on site, if you have not found your happiness before arriving in the Big Apple. Here are some tips and tricks to help you.

Explore the city

First of all, it is quite possible that you will not find your accommodation in a snap. So don't be afraid to show up and do your research once you arrive. Also, I advise you to stay in a hotel located in a neighborhood that you appreciate, or failing that, close to your workplace. This will help you to define a small search area at first.

Then, in addition to looking on the internet and via agencies, do not hesitate to take a walk! It is often the best way to make nice surprises. Indeed, apartments for rent often display a small sign in the window, which makes them easily identifiable. So lift up your head, and watch! This will give you a good idea of ​​where the apartment is located, and what is nearby.

Choose your neighborhoods

Another important point is that rents vary enormously between different New York neighborhoods. The same goes for the ambiance, the attractions, and the styles of accommodation. So educate yourself about the different neighborhoods in New York City and limit yourself to just a pair of neighborhoods. This will allow you to focus your research and prevent you from getting lost in the four corners of the city.

Also, note that Brooklyn, the Queens and New Jersey are good options if your budget is not unlimited! And believe me, these neighborhoods are very lively and pleasant. And they're a stone's throw from downtown Manhattan by subway, so don't be afraid to check them out! The big bonus is that taxes are calculated based on where you live. And as you can imagine, these will be higher if you live in midtown Manhattan rather than Queens.

New York apartment rental: different accommodation options

In New York, as in Paris or elsewhere, you will have the choice between different types of apartments. Also, note that a T1 is called "large studio" in the United States, a T2 is equivalent to a « 1BR » (one bedroom), and a T3 with a "2BR".

Likewise, you will find all types of residences, from the simplest to the most luxurious. Find out about the options included in the residence you will be visiting. You may well have some nice surprises, like a gym or a swimming pool!

Then you will also have the choice between furnished rental or not. Note, however, that furnished apartments are quite rare to find, and the rent will generally be much higher than for an empty apartment. So think ahead, weigh the pros and cons. My advice would be to opt for an empty apartment, if you plan to stay for a long time, and to find good deals in flea markets and garage sales. You can always resell your furniture before leaving!

Also, be aware that even if you opt for an empty apartment, your kitchen will be equipped with the necessary cooking, dishwasher, refrigerator and oven. Enough to take away a weight in the purchase of household appliances!

Real estate agency or individuals?

Just like in France, you will have the choice between using an agency or turning to individuals. And of course, who says real estate agency says agency costs. And these can sometimes reach 15% of the rent, or the equivalent of about two months' rent.

So if you prefer to turn to individuals, do not hesitate to consult websites like craiglist, apartmentguide, voilanewyork or even sublet.

That said, going through a real estate agency can save you a lot of time. Because in New York, housing sells very quickly, and if you are not from the area, it will probably be easier to use an agency.

Does the image above make you dream? This is the view from one of the apartments at 432 Park Avenue. You will probably not have the opportunity to stay there, but it is always possible to dream a little!

Rent, charges and insurance

Regarding the rent, be aware that the latter must not exceed 40% of your salary. Then, find out about the charges included in the rent. Indeed, these can be very basic and include only electricity, or complete and also include garbage collection and heating for example.

Otherwise, count a hundred dollars a month for Internet and telephony. And when it comes to home insurance, you don't have to have one. Obviously I will strongly advise against ignoring such insurance. Anything can happen, and not having insurance in the United States can mean astronomical sums of money if something goes wrong!

Submit a file

Preparing a file for the rental of an apartment in New York is different from the files that must be prepared in France. In fact, in the United States, owners rely on the « credit history » of the housing applicant. The latter is a kind of history of your conduct, with regard to your payments or debts of all kinds.

However, as we do not use this system in France, you will not have any "credit history" to provide to your potential owner. Thus, you will have to provide your payslips and sometimes have to pay up to 12 months' rent in advance. So be prepared ...

Then you will obviously need to provide a copy of your passport, visa and proof of employment on site.

Once your file is accepted, all you have to do is sign the lease and pay the first month as well as the agency fees, just like in France. That said, it all has to be done within 48 hours, so be prepared for a little paperwork and expense marathon!

Regarding the lease, it generally lasts year, and can either be renewed "manually" each year, or automatically. In the event of manual renewal, you will have to sign a new lease each year, while the lease will be directly renewed if it is automatic. That said, be careful, because it's not like in France where you can leave a notice! Once your one-year lease is signed, you will have to pay the year of rent ! complete.

You are now ready to find theapartment in New York you dream of! Remember to arm yourself with patience and a good mood, and you will find out for sure eventually. So good luck and good research!

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