New York's affluent neighborhood: Upper East Side

New York's affluent neighborhood: Upper East Side

The Upper East Side, the jewel of Manhattan!

As I walked around Manhattan today, and after wandering through several main streets, I asked myself the question of where the famous " wealthiest neighborhoods ”(The richest neighborhoods).

After several hours of walking the streets and taking information, everyone agrees to tell me that I must go and see the side of theUpper East Side, This name means nothing to you ? Me neither, I had just heard about it vaguely without ever setting foot there. So I wanted to know a little more about what makes the Upper East Side, THE wealthy neighborhood in New York.

New York's affluent neighborhood: Upper East Side

The Upper East Side is known as the “Silk Stocking District”. It is a neighborhood in the northeast of Manhattan Island in New York, starting at 59th steet to 110th Street, it is located between Central Park and the East River.

Arriving at the bend of the alleys of the Upper East Side, we immediately understand that this is a district in its own right in New York. To set the scene for you, know the Rockefeller and Kennedy families, but also Marlene Dietrich, Madonna and Spike Lee are installed there. The Upper East Side isn't just the neighborhood the richest in New York, it is also the richest in the United States, Oh yes, nothing more !

Through its walls, it houses the most upscale schools in New York as well as luxury hotels such as the Plaza, the Four Seasons, the Pierre Hotel and many others just as prestigious. The Upper East Side is also surrounded by department stores such as Bloomingdale's and Barneys. Add to this that the district contains the largest concentration of museums outside of Washington, such as the famous Metropolitan Museum of Art but also the Guggenheim Museum.

New York's affluent neighborhood: Upper East Side

You will have understood the Upper East Side, is indeed the rich district of New York, its streets lined with buildings with potters and limousines at the entrance, its 3-star restaurants and its high standing stores, are the to remind you. 🙂

Good to know

  • This district is the main location where the plot of the television series Gossip Girl takes place.
  • If you want to live there the price per m² is around $ 21,673. (good luck)
  • Wealthy people go shopping on 5th Avenue, and particularly between 49th and 60th Street, where we find Cartier, Bulgari, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Fendi ...


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