New York sales: dates, info, best discounts - Everything you need to know to do business

New York sales: dates, info, best discounts - Everything you need to know to do business

New York sales: dates to remember

While in France, there are only two main sales periods (summer and winter), there are several in the United States. What to do shopping at reduced prices all year round.

Here is the calendar of the main sales dates in New York:

  • President’s Day Sale : the 3rd Monday in February
  • Memorial Day Weekend Sale : the last Monday in May
  • 4th of July Sales : The 4th of July
  • Back-to-school/Fall Preview Sale : the last week of July
  • Labor day : the 1st Monday in September
  • Columbus Day Sale : 2nd Monday in October
  • Thanksgiving Eve : the last Thursday of November
  • Black Friday : the last Friday of November
  • The day after Christmas : December 26

Note that each of these dates corresponds to a national holiday, and that the sales related to each of these dates last several days, especially on weekends.

Do you plan to travel to New York outside of these dates? Don't panic, many stores are applying discounts throughout the year on a recurring basis. So be on the lookout, and you will find what you are looking for.

And then of course, you can always go to outlets like Century 21 ou Woodbury, where items are constantly discounted!

Discounts applied during sales

During sales in New York, stores apply different discount rates, depending on the items and their wishes. That said, the discounts are usually pretty good, allowing you to purchase the items of your dreams for at least half the price.

Also, the main day of sales in New York and the United States in general is Black Friday. Most stores then apply up to 80% discount ! Awesome, isn't it? Go to the stores very early, to avoid too many crowds or a shortage of stock. You will most certainly see hordes of consumers lined up at the entrance to the stores, waiting for them to open. Watch out for the race, be prepared!

New York sales: dates, info, best discounts - Everything you need to know to do business

Also, Black Friday and New York sales in general are the perfect time to buy what you've been dreaming of for a while. Clothing, furniture, decoration, and even high-tech products !

Of course, buying a television in New York could be complicated to return to France with… But think of smartphones or tablets!

New York sales: the essential vocabulary

As I mentioned to you, the various sales and discounts are omnipresent in the big apple. Also, in order to differentiate between different types of discounts, traders use a precise vocabulary. It's not always easy to understand what it is, especially if you don't have a perfect command of Shakespeare's language.

Here is a mini-guide of the essential expressions used in periods of sales and reductions.

Sales, clearance and special sales

  • « Sales »: Of course, these are the actual sales. It is certainly the expression that you will see the most often. In particular, it will be inscribed in a very conspicuous manner on store windows. Some of them also display a percentage to indicate the reduction rate applied.
  • « Clearance » : if you see this inscription, go for it! It is about liquidation, and therefore prices defying all competition. This type of extreme reduction is often applied when a store is closing or when the series ends.
  • « Private sale » et « Sample sales » : the first are Private sales from which certain members or particular clients may benefit. The seconds are generally rather limited end-of-series sales. They are applied in particular by certain fashion brands. It is the meeting place for the big apple fashionistas!

New York sales: dates, info, best discounts - Everything you need to know to do business

Discounts and occasional negotiations

  • « Discount » : it simply means "reduction". The percentage of discount applied depends on the brand. Discounts are very common in the United States for whatever reason. End of series, unsold, slightly damaged product, second hand, etc. However, double check your product to make sure that it works (if it is high tech) for example.
  • As to « Bargains », it's pretty much the same concept. A small discount with no special occasion, which you will usually get simply by negotiating.

Where to find the best sales in New York?

Midtown, 5th Avenue and Times Square, the must-sees

New York City is full of shops of all kinds, spread across the city. Also, the neighborhoods with the most stores are Midtown, 5th Avenue, Times Square, Greenwich Village and West Village.

Don't forget to make a stopover at Macy’s et Bloomingdale’s, two huge shopping centers dedicated to fashion, cosmetics and accessories. Real institutions in New York!

Macy's, for example, spans 10 floors, and offers absolutely everything you could want in fashion and accessories, with over 4 million articles ! Michael Kors, Vera Wang, Burberry, DKNYC… You will find an endless number of fashion brands.

New York sales: dates, info, best discounts - Everything you need to know to do business

You can also eat there, and benefit from 10% discount in all circumstances and for 30 days, thanks to a pass offered to foreigners and available on the Macy's website. If you are there in summer, be sure to refresh yourself by tasting a frozen yogurt (very American) at Pinkberry. I fell in love with it!

Soho and Brooklyn, alternative neighborhoods

If you are more alternative and fond of young designers or original items, go to the neighborhoods of Soho and Brooklyn, to find almost unique items. My favorite ? The shop American Two Shot in Soho, modern and indie, offering a selection of quality items as well as an espresso bar. The favorite haunt of fashionistas!

Finally, most stores have sales in the United States. However, there are some exceptions, including some luxury brands. This is the case for example of Victoria's Secret, which does not participate in Black Friday.

So find out in advance if you have a specific product or brand in mind. And go to the outlets if these brands are not on sale! Rest assured, you will always find a solution in New York.

So I wish you a happy shopping, and don't forget to bring back some souvenirs for your family and friends, all the same! You will find a multitude of gift ideas: mugs, sweatshirts, M & M's, local products and many other examples.

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