Visit New York in 7 days: 2 itineraries for a great stay!

The cultural itinerary to visit New York in 7 days

Day 1: the Upper East Side

Le Metropolitan Museum of Art

Le Metropolitan Museum of Art is a New York staple. He holds more than two million works from all over the world, sometimes 5000 years old! Go in the morning early and plan your visit in advance, as you won't have time to see everything.

Also, admission is included in the New York City Pass and New York Pass, which will save you money. So I recommend you buy one in advance and benefit from 40% discount by buying it online. For the New York City Pass, go here, and for the New York Pass, click here.

Visit New York in 7 days: 2 itineraries for a great stay!

Visit New York in 7 days: Central Park

Then, pass through Central Park and its 341 hectares. Take a walk, run, or cycle. Don't forget your camera to have memories of the squirrels walking there!

If you plan to visit New York in 7 days during the summer, have a quiet picnic, and if you are there in winter, take advantage of the park's outdoor skating rink!

A bike ride can also be very pleasant and convenient. To book, go here.

Le Guggenheim Museum

After your little break in the countryside, head to the Guggenheim Museum, built by architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Its unusual facade and structure will impress you.

Again, entry is included in the New York City Pass et New York Pass. You will admire works by Pollock, Modigliani, Chagall or Kandinsky.

The famous 5th Avenue

Then, shopping in New York! 5th Avenue is full of shops of all kinds, including major luxury brands. You will find Cartier, Fendi, Louis Vuitton, and many more.

Visit New York in 7 days: 2 itineraries for a great stay!

Take a detour through Niketown, at the intersection of 5th Avenue and 57th Street, to have a souvenir pair of sneakers customized.

Dine at Daniel's

To end the day well, have dinner in the best restaurant in New York. Daniel is a French restaurant offering refined and very creative dishes. You will not be disappointed !

Day 2: The Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn and Broadway

Liberty Island and the Statue of Liberty

Start your second day with a great New York classic. Board the ferry to Liberty Island and visit the Statue of Liberty.

Visit New York in 7 days: 2 itineraries for a great stay!

Remember to book in advance if you wish to climb into the statue crown!

Brooklyn et le Flea Market

Next, head to the iconic Brooklyn Bridge. Located 44 meters high, you will cross it with a nice view of the city. Then stroll through the pleasant streets of the neighborhood, and have a brunch at Five Leaves Greenpoint.

Don't miss the Brooklyn Flea Market, antique market, or the street food stalls in Smorgasburg on weekends. You will have many pleasant surprises!

Visit New York in 7 days: 2 itineraries for a great stay!

If the sun is out, go to Prospect Park for a pedal boat or horseback ride.

See comedy on Broadway

At the end of the day, head to Broadway, to see a musical! Your choice of comedies such as Frozen, Aladdin, the Lion King. The perfect night out if you are traveling to New York with kids.

That being said, remember to book in advance, in order to save time and money.

Day 3: Midtown and sports game

Le Museum of Modern Art

In the early morning, go to the Museum of Modern Art, which offers a large collection of works by Picasso, Warhol, Lichtenstein, Matisse and many others.

The two passes also include its entry.

Times Square

Then, take a walkabout in Times Square and observe the giant illuminated screens, before entering the many shops there. You will undoubtedly find many souvenirs there!

Visit New York in 7 days: 2 itineraries for a great stay!

Do not forget the M&M’s World, where you will discover varied and delicious flavors as well as many derived products

Grand Central Terminal

Then go to Grand Central Terminal station. Its architecture and the activity that takes place there will impress you. Take a tour, walk into the shops, take some pretty photos and continue on your way.

Le Top of the Rock

At the end of the day, climb to the Top of The Rock, the panoramic terrace on the 70th floor of Rockefeller Center. You will admire the city in 360 °. Also, entry costs around $ XNUMX but is included in both passes.

Visit New York in 7 days: 2 itineraries for a great stay!

Also you count visit New York for 7 days during the winter, do not miss the rink a bass you Rockefeller Center!

Sports match

Sports enthusiast or not, going to a sports game when planning to visit New York in 7 days is a must. Pompom girls, hotdogs, banners and a wild crowd ensure that the atmosphere is always there!

So take your choice between basketball, hockey or more, and book your tickets in advance!

Day 4: Chelsea

The Natural History Museum

The Museum of Natural History is very interesting from an archaeological and historical point of view. You will see dinosaur skeletons and even a huge 28 meter long whale !

It is also a very good option if you are going to New York with children. Entrance is also included in the two passes mentioned above.

The Chelsea market, contemporary art galleries and the highline

Then, discover the pleasant district of Chelsea. Enjoy lunch at Chelsea Market, before strolling around the area. You will discover hundreds of contemporary art galleries installed in old warehouses.

Visit New York in 7 days: 2 itineraries for a great stay!

At the end of the day, take a drink on the Chelsea Highline, a former railway that has become a green promenade much appreciated by locals.

Day 5: Ellis Island and Lower Manhattan

Visit New York in 7 days: Ellis Island and its Immigration Museum

If you want to visit New York in 7 days and learn more about the history of the city and its inhabitants, I will meet you at the Ellis Island Immigration Museum.

Take the ferry to Battery Park at 9 a.m. for Ellis Island, and enjoy a guided tour between 9h30 and 17h, included in both passes.

The Tenement Museum

As you return to Manhattan, continue your quest for knowledge and enter the Tenement Museum. You can visit there 6 apartments in which more than 7.000 immigrants coming from 20 different countries. Actors will even play the role of the tenants, thus offering you an original and pleasant visit.

Remember to book your guided tour in order to be able to visit these apartments.

Visit New York in 7 days: Chinatown and Little Italy

Then head to the districts of Chinatown and Little Italy, in order to get away from it all. Enter the many typical shops, and do not hesitate to do your souvenir shopping, especially on Canal Street!

The empire state building

When night falls, climb to the top of the Empire State Building to admire the city at sunset. Admission is included in both passes. Otherwise, you can also buy a single ticket. Note also that these offer you the possibility of entering the Empire State Building twice in the same day!

Day 6: Queens

The Museum of Moving Image and the MoMA PS1

Your sixth day will be in the borough of Queens! Also, if you are a lover of modern and avant-garde art, you will be delighted to visit MoMA PS1, branch of MoMA.

Visit New York in 7 days: 2 itineraries for a great stay!

Then, don't miss the Museum of Moving Image which focuses on cinema, its techniques and tools. Indeed, it is very interesting, and that even if you do not know anything about it!

Flushing Meadows Park

After your two museum visits and a stroll through the neighborhood, pass by Flushing Meadows Park where the US Open tennis is held each year.

Day 7: Staten Island and Lower Manhattan

Staten Island

Five miles from Manhattan is Staten Island, home to 8 residents. Very calm and natural, the island offers many green spaces where it will be pleasant to walk.

Head to Battery Park to board the free ferry from Manhattan to Staten Island. The journey lasts about 20 minutes, during which I advise you to sit at the back, to enjoy the view of the skyline!

Visit New York in 7 days: 2 itineraries for a great stay!

On the island, you can visit the Staten Island Zoo or Museum, located on the waterfront, as well as take a walk on the Greebelt in Clove Lakes Park.

Wall Street and the 11/XNUMX Museum

On your return, go for a stroll in Wall Street, New York's financial district. Pass near the famous Charging Bull, bronze bull statue.

Also visit the 11/XNUMX Memorial, made up of them water basins where the names of the victims are engraved. The underground museum September 11 is free on Tuesdays from 17 p.m. to 20 p.m., and included in the New York City Pass.

Visit New York in 7 days: the local and unusual itinerary

Day 1: Harlem and Upper East Side

A gospel mass in Harlem

Now, here is the itinerary to visit New York in 7 days, in a local and unusual way. Also, I recommend that you attend a gospel mass in the Harlem neighborhood. Meet at the Abyssinian Baptist Church or the Metropolitan Community United Methodist Church, a little more authentic.

Le Metropolitan Museum of Art et le Guggenheim Museum

After lunch on the Upper East Side, visit the iconic, classic and must-see Met, before heading to the more modern but equally impressive Guggenheim.

Visit New York in 7 days: 2 itineraries for a great stay!

Central Park

At the end of the afternoon, take a stroll through Central Park to breathe a little and relax before going for a drink and dinner New York style!

Bemelmans bar

Day 2: Midtown

MoMA or the Natural History Museum

On this second day, I suggest you choose between visiting the MoMA or the Museum of Natural History. Both are very interesting and enjoyable.

That said, MoMA focuses on modern art, while the Museum of Natural History will take you back in time and see dinosaur skeletons, for example.

Shopping at Bloomingdale's and Macy's

If you like shopping, take a little detour to Bloomingdale's or Macy's. You will find absolutely everything there, from clothes to furniture to make-up and decoration.

Visit New York in 7 days: 2 itineraries for a great stay!

However, I recommend that you get there early in the morning to avoid the crowds. And don't forget that the New York Pass will get you 15% off at Bloomingdale's! As for Macy's, you'll get a 10% discount by going to their site and printing out a foreign-only coupon.

Le Flatiron Building et Madison Square Park

Then, it will probably be lunch time, so meet at Madison Square Park for a delicious burger from Shake Shack. Located in the middle of the park, the restaurant will allow you a gourmet and green break at the same time!

Then admire the atypical Flatiron Building, an art deco building reminiscent of the shape of an iron, which deserves the detour and the photo.

Grand Central Terminal and the Gallery of Whispers

At the end of the afternoon, enter Grand Central Terminal station and discover the Galerie des Murmures. The latter is so named because of its vaulted ceilings, allowing sounds to be carried in a very surprising way. Experience it!

Visit New York in 7 days: 2 itineraries for a great stay!

Chelsea's Highline

Finally, take a sunset stroll on the Chelsea Highline among the locals. Take a snack and a sweater, in case of refreshment.

Day 3: Coney Island, the gangster museum and Lower Manhattan

Coney Island

Your third day will be dedicated to having fun! For that, go to Luna Park, located on Coney Island. Take the opportunity to taste a hot dogs of at Nathan's and stroll on the beach for 6 kilometers.

If you want to see New York in 7 days locally, why not spend a day at Coney Island, the island of fun? Luna Park, the amusement park located there, was created in 1903 and reopened in 2010 after many years of inactivity.

You'll do lots of different attractions, eat iconic hot dogs (Chez Nathan's), and maybe even participate in a hot dog contest, who knows?

Visit New York in 7 days: 2 itineraries for a great stay!

Note that the park is open every summer day (from June to August) and every weekend the rest of the year. Before heading back to Manhattan, be sure to take a short stroll on the island's beach, which is 6 kilometers long.

Le Gangster Museum

On your way back to Manhattan, visit the Gangster Museum for a quintessentially American experience. You will learn more about some of the big bandits and the prohibition period in New York.

Lower Manhattan, Chinatown et Little Italy

Finally, spend the rest of your afternoon wandering around Chinatown and Little Italy, not forgetting to stop by Lower Manhattan. If you have time, go to the 11/XNUMX Memorial, dear to New Yorkers.

Visit New York in 7 days: 2 itineraries for a great stay!

The Empire State Building and a dinner cruise

At sunset, head to the Empire State Building to take some pictures! Also, note that entry is included in both passes.

Then, at dinner time and after pre-booking, enjoy a superb 3-hour Hudson dinner cruise.

Day 4: Brooklyn

Brunch in Brooklyn and Prospect Park

The Brooklyn neighborhood is well worth a day to explore. So meet in the morning to cross the bridge before going for brunch at Five Leaves Greenpoint.

Visit New York in 7 days: 2 itineraries for a great stay!

Then take a stroll through Prospect Park and take a boat or horseback ride.

Brooklyn Flea Market, Smorgasburg et la Brooklyn Brewery

Then, discover the Brooklyn Flea Market, to make wonderful discoveries among the hundreds of vendors who are there.

When hunger strikes again, grab a bite to eat at the market stalls in Smorgasburg, before going for a local beer at the Brooklyn Brewery.

Botanical garden and evening on a rooftop

If the weather is nice, go and discover the superb botanical garden of the district, before spending a 100% local evening by going on a rooftop!

Visit New York in 7 days: 2 itineraries for a great stay!

Day 5: Times Square, Ripley's Museum and helicopter tour

Times Square et Ripley’s Believe it or Not

Even if it is not very "local" and rather touristy, you cannot visit New York in 7 days without going through Times Square. So do some shopping, then go visit Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum. This is a collection ofstrange objects from all over the world. Quite fun, especially for the more adventurous among you!

Visit New York in 7 days: 2 itineraries for a great stay!

Helicopter tour

Finally end the day in style with a helicopter tour. Choose the duration of your flight then admire Manhattan from above. My advice: take this flight at sunset, for an unforgettable experience!

Visit New York in 7 days: 2 itineraries for a great stay!

Day 6: Greenwich Village, East Village and jazz concert

Greenwich Village et East Village

Often compared to Montmartre, Greenwich Village is an artistic district. Go check it out for the day! You will not be bored, and will discover a whole bunch of small 100% local stores.

Also, the place is also full of cafes perfect for taking a short break before setting out again on an adventure.

Jazz concert

Also a gay district and the birthplace of jazz, I recommend that you end your evening at the Village Gate or at the Blue Note. Have a drink there while enjoying a live jazz concert. What could be more original and local?

Visit New York in 7 days: 2 itineraries for a great stay!

Day 7: Staten Island or Rockaway Beach, Soho and Top of The Rock

Staten Island or Rockaway Beach and a Kayak Tour

In summer, don't hesitate to stop for the day by taking line A to Rockaway beach, very popular with the inhabitants of the Big Apple! Indeed, the latter is appreciated for its relaxed atmosphere, I advise you to stop at Blue Bottle Coffee and have a take-out coffee there to relax on the beach for a few hours!

Finally, do not miss to make a kayak tour on the East River! Visit the LIC Community Boathouse website and be informed of the various excursions offered, some of which are free. The view of the skyline and the unusual side will ensure you an unforgettable moment!

Soho and Tribeca

Once your Mexican stopover is over, go shopping in Soho and TriBeCa, or even as far as West Village and Greenwich. You will find many brands there such as Urban Outfitters or American Apparel, as well as small avant-garde designers. My favorites ? The stores Crate & Barrell (decoration) and the Strand Book Store, huge bookstore where you will find anything and everything.

For lunch, meet at 267 Elizabeth Street at Tacombi, shed converted into mexican restaurant warm and pleasant.

Vintage furniture, light garlands and homemade soda, Tacombi will seduce you and offer you a well-deserved gourmet break.

Top of the Rock

Finally, and just before sunset, ascend to Top of the Rock, the top of Rockefeller Center. You will admire the city bathed in pretty colors. A must-do in New York!

Here is what to occupy you and visit New York in 7 days! So now choose your itinerary according to your desires and your budget for New York. Also, don't forget to book your tours in advance to save time and money.

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