Visit the New York public bookstore

Visit the New York public bookstore

The history of the New York public bookstore

Guarded by two magnificent lions, patience and fortitude, symbolic who fiercely defend culture and knowledge. The New York public bookstore is one of the largest cultural institutions in the world. It came into being in 1895 from the merger between the library of millionaire John Jacob Astor and another wealthy philanthropist James Léonce. The library has opened 86 branches in the city.

The New York public bookshop is worth a visit

During my stay in New York I had the opportunity to visit the New York Public Library. Access to the library is completely free. There is no need for identification. All documents must be consulted on site except those belonging to the children's section.

What are the rooms to visit at the New york public bookstore?

The wide staircase which leads to this gigantic entrance framed by Corinthian columns is one of the favorite meeting places of New Yorkers. The buildings are the finest example of American fine art. The library contains millions of manuscript books of map documents ...

- the periodicals room which has the archives of around 11.000 periodicals from 128 countries, including in microfilm form. In this room you will have the opportunity to contemplate several murals.

- the Jewish collections room

- the modern extension of the library by the south courtyard which includes an auditorium and an educational center,

- the map room (very pretty mappemondes surpied)

- the genealogy room which offers the possibility of doing research from immigration registers,

- certain thematic collections (English and American literature) which look more like offices than real consultation rooms

- a computer consultation room

- the so-called catalog room

- The operation dresses in natural light highlights the architecture of the various rooms. The huge rose main reading room, the large reading room is lit by large windows and numerous hanging chandeliers. A dome-shaped glass roof supported by columns illuminates the bartos forum room; the main reading room which spans two blocks (the size of a soccer field and height equivalent to five floors).

Good to know:  Several film scenes were shot there including Harry Potter and Benjamin Gates.

Take the opportunity to take a walk in Bryant park

Bryant Park stretches behind the library to 6th Avenue. So before entering the NYPL or when leaving, you can cross this charming park in the heart of the city, where it is very pleasant to read either your own book or those of an institution that acts as a library. outside.

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