What are the best tips for finding a job in New York?

The obstacle course to get a job in New York

Millions of foreign workers once tried their luck and are working there now, so why not you? Many people dream of moving to New York and especially finding a job in New York, but is it “mission impossible”? That is the real question! With a little motivation and a dash of madness, this dream can be heightened.

I have decided to help you in the conquest of this "Grail". I don't pretend to say that this post will give you all the resources you need but I think it can help you (a little).

What are the best tips for finding a job in New York?

To begin with, you will need to have a clear and defined project (I don't want to hear “I'm going to go hard, we'll see!” Wrong answer. To increase your potential for success, it is vital to know what we want.

- Offers: Traineeship ? LIFE ? Job?

- the area : finance? marketing? computer science ? fashion ?

- The post: responsible? assistant ?

The goal of this process is to define a precise objective in order to know where you want to go exactly and thus frame things, moreover to work in the United States you will need a visa (work, student, immigrant). The visa will depend on your project.

During your research, I advise you to consult all the offers and to make a selection of the one that you like (you will spend long hours going through all the advertisements !!!). There are many websites that allow you to find a job / internship / VIE in the USA, here is the list of the most famous sites, there are many offers depending on your field:

  • Craigslist
  • Civiweb (for VIEs: employment contract between 6 and 24 months, offered by companies to young people under 28 who wish to work abroad)
  • Indeed
  • Barefootstudent
  • aboutjobs
  • internjobs
  • careerbuilder
  • Pôle emploi international (good luck, but you never know)

For all those who have a background in the web like me, I strongly recommend WeAreMadeInNY, this site is simply perfect for those who want to find a job in the sector (web marketing, IT…). Just click on the "Jobs map" and you have at-a-glance access to all the companies in the sector in NY.

Good to know

  • Send CVs to companies in the field of technology and innovation. they are currently hiring a lot!
  • The site of the French American Chamber of Commerce is very useful because it lists all the French companies present in NYC, do not hesitate to send spontaneous applications according to the profiles that can do it.
  • To get a job in New York, there is nothing like getting hired by an American company in Europe and negotiating a transfer afterwards.

For official information on visas linked to a work permit, check with the United States Embassy in ParisWhat are the best tips for finding a job in New York?

What are we not ready to do to live our American dream for a while or even for a lifetime?

Good luck and don't hesitate to share your experiences and tips by leaving a comment!

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