What is the distance between Paris and New York?

What is the distance between Paris and New York?

Paris New York distance: how many kilometers separate these two cities?

The distance between Paris and New York is 5 836 kilometers (approximately 3 miles). In total, it will therefore be necessary 7h47 on average to achieve this distance (if the airplane speed is 805 km / h). The trip is therefore quite long and in addition, several phenomena can increase this duration: weather conditions, aircraft speed and wind. The duration of the trip is therefore not fixed and it is also necessary to add 30 minutes corresponding to landing and take-off. Also, don't forget that between Paris and New York, there is a 6 hour difference !

Good to know: this distance and this duration are valid for a take-off at Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle airport and a landing at John Fitzgerald Kennedy International airport in New York. But if you want to land at another NYC airport, this is possible (remember to check this point with the chosen company).

What is the distance between Paris and New York?

Outward flight and return flight: same distance, but different flight duration

If you've ever flown to New York, the outbound flight may have seemed longer than the return flight. Did you think this was just an impression? Think again ! This is indeed true: the outward flight lasts 45 minutes longer than the return one, while the distance between these two cities remains the same for these two flights. Two phenomena explain this difference between these two trips:

  • Earth's rotation and winds : a plane which leaves Paris to land in New York will have to face the winds; a "confrontation" which will slow down the apparatus. On the contrary, a plane taking off from New York to reach Paris will be pushed by these famous winds and will therefore go much faster: if the plane reaches a speed of 800 km / h, with the winds, this one will increase to 1000 km / h. On the other hand, if the aircraft faces winds, its speed will be lowered to 600 km / h.
  • The jet stream which are winds blowing from west to east. Thus, if an airplane moves along the path of the winds, its speed will increase. But if it flies in the opposite direction, its speed will decrease.

=> These different phenomena are explained in more detail in our article "How long is a flight from Paris to New York?".

And here. You now know that you will have to travel 5 kilometers before discovering Big Apple and all its wonders! If you want more information on Paris and its airports go to grandearche.com.

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