Where to eat in New York: my 12 favorite places from brunch to dinner

Where to eat in New York: my 12 favorite places from brunch to dinner

Where to eat in New York: typical addresses

Five Leaves Greenpoint

Located in Brooklyn at 18 Bedford Avenue, the Five Leaves Greenpoint is in my opinion a must-see place for brunch with friends. It is also a very popular place for locals.

Where to eat in New York: my 12 favorite places from brunch to dinner

The portions are more than generous and delicious, and the wide appetizing choice will make you hesitate between many dishes. Having said that, I highly recommend their ricotta pancakes and fresh fruit, or their truffle fries ! A real treat. This is also the place to eat in New York if you are a fan of pancakes, in my opinion.

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Don't wait until you're hungry to get there, because you won't be alone! Reservation is not possible, so allow a little waiting time.

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Clinton Street Baking Company & Restaurant

Clinton Street Baking Company & Restaurant is the place to go for great pancakes! Burgers, omelets and other savory and sweet dishes are on the menu, but pancakes are to taste at all costs. There are all sorts like those with chocolate chips which are really very good. The decoration is cozy and simple, but it feels really good there.

Where to eat in New York: my 12 favorite places from brunch to dinner

Located on the Lower Eats Side. The full address is: 4 Clinton St, New York, NY 10002.

Murray's bagels

Sweet and savory bagels, head to Murray's Bagels where you can enjoy delicious bagels. Here you can treat yourself with this specialty, but also with many other equally tasty things.

At Murray's Bagels, you must first choose your bread. 15 varieties are on offer, from the most classic to the most original (with grapes, cinnamon, etc.). Then you will need to compose your bagel. There too, you will have the choice between several meats, fish ... You can also garnish it with salad, sauce, vegetables and many others! Of course, recipes already ready are also suggested to you.

Besides bagels, other equally delicious dishes are on the menu: sandwiches, soups, salads, but also desserts (cookies, brownies, macaroons, etc.).

Murray's Bagels store is located in Greenwich Village (500 6th Ave, New York, NY 10011). 

Shake Shack

Where to eat in New York when you're keen on burgers? The Shake Shack of course… You've no doubt heard of it before!

Where to eat in New York: my 12 favorite places from brunch to dinner

The quality of its products and its seasonings is talked about throughout the city, and even abroad. Head to its iconic restaurant, which was also the first, located in Madison Square park. Enjoy the relaxed and pleasant atmosphere while enjoying your burger in the open air.

From some tables, you can even admire the Empire State Building or the Flatiron Building.

Where to eat in New York: New York snacks

The Magnolia Bakery

Where to eat in New York when you're greedy? At Magnolia Bakery! I already told you about The Magnolia Bakery, and I insist: go there for tea and taste it!

Famous for its cupcakes, which you have certainly seen in Sex and the City, the brand also offers muffins, scones and other delicious cakes. It's a sweet lover's paradise, of which I am one.

Where to eat in New York: my 12 favorite places from brunch to dinner

My favorite ? It is a very difficult question. Probably the pistachio cupcake or the pumpkin muffins!

Dominique Ansel's famous “cronut”

Having become a real fashion phenomenon, the cronut from Dominique Ansel is a delicious pastry halfway between the croissant and the donut.

Also, his pastry shop is located at 189 Spring Street, in the heart of Soho. You will find delicious scents like fig-mascarpone, rose-vanilla and even chocolate-Champagne ! Something to make you dream of.

Where to eat in New York: my 12 favorite places from brunch to dinner

Of course, the brand offers many other delicacies, such as orange blossom madeleine which will seduce you just as much!

Donuts from Dough

Eating donuts in New York: what's more typical? Too, Dough offers original flavors, such as lemon-ginger, coconut or hibiscus, for $ 3 a donut. My favorite ? Without doubt the lemon-ginger, for its tangy and spicy notes.

Where to eat in New York: my 12 favorite places from brunch to dinner

Present at the Flatiron building, Brooklyn and the Theater District. My favorite is the one in Brooklyn, at 448 Lafayette Avenue. Why ? Because the taste is even better when the donut is devoured in the small streets of the neighborhood!

Markets and "food hall"

If you are more of the undecided, greedy or curious type, markets and “food halls” are made for you. Equipped with several stands of diverse and varied food, they will offer you the opportunity to taste several dishes, presented in small portions.

Le Chelsea Market

Located between 75 9th Avenue and West 16th Street, Chelsea Market was once the place where the famous Oreo cookies were made. So the decor is there old and industrial, while being modern.

Today you will find fresh fruit and vegetables there, but also several delicious stalls where you can eat everything. It goes through the Lobster Place lobster to die-for brownies from Fat Witch. Plan time to stroll there and enjoy quietly. Also, don't miss the cookies from Eleni's !

Where to eat in New York: my 12 favorite places from brunch to dinner

At Chelsea Market, prices are affordable and quality is king, so you should have some nice surprises.

The tip: Chelsea Market is also full of small shops where you can make nice gifts, whether they are culinary delights, books or decorative items.

Smorgasburg market

Very popular with locals and tourists when the sun is shining, the Smorgasburg market was a huge crush! In the heart of the hipster district of Brooklyn, it takes place outdoors, and therefore during the sweetest period, from April to November.

The concept: street food. It is therefore full of small stands offering very different dishes in small portions, and at reduced prices. For example, you will find ice creams sandwiches (my sweet spot), yuzu lemonades, Ethiopian dishes, tacos and other delicacies.

In my opinion, this is the perfect place to get together to vary the pleasures. Take different dishes, and share!

Where to eat in New York: my 12 favorite places from brunch to dinner

Also, there are many stands where you can find original little gifts to take home, such as candles, local jams and honey, teas or other specialties.

The little extra to make the place perfect? His view. You can indeed admire the skyline of the Big Apple, and more precisely the One World Trade Center from the Smorgasburg market.

And then, if the weather is nice and warm, and the market is crowded, buy the necessary in the market and then head to Brooklyn Bridge Park to quietly savor your new finds.

Remember to bring cash, knowing that the stands do not have a card machine.

Food Hall

The “food halls” have more or less the same principle as the markets like this Chelsea or Smorgasburg. It is indeed a concentration of stands offering products and dishes to eat in or take away.

Where to eat in New York: my 12 favorite places from brunch to dinner

Unlike markets sometimes held outdoors, food halls are indoors, located in a shopping center for example.

So if you don't know where to eat in New York City, head to one of its food halls and take your pick. The Urban Vanderbilt, the Plaza Food Hall, Eataly are examples where you will enjoy spending a gourmet moment.

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My favorite is certainly Eataly, located of course in the heart of the Little Italy district. Located at 200 5th Avenue, the latter offers many stands of cheese, fresh pasta, and other Italian delicacies. That said, this food hall is very popular with locals and tourists alike: book a table if you plan to dine there.

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The best addresses on the map

Where to eat in New York: tips and advice

After these good addresses for a good treat, here are some tips.

The doggy bagIn New York and the United States in general, the doggy bag is a common practice. Indeed, in order to avoid any mess, you can ask for a bag in order to put your leftovers in all the restaurants of the city (normally). Take the fold, this will allow you to enjoy delicious dishes twice as much. My little advice: take your doggy bags on a picnic the next day! The New York restaurant weekYou probably know fashion week. Well be aware that in New York, there is also the restaurant week!

The latter takes place once in winter, and once in summer. About 300 Big Apple restaurants offer menus between $ 25 and $ 38 for nearly three weeks. What to have fun without breaking the bank!

Be careful though: these offers are not valid on weekends. Also, remember to book in advance, knowing that this event is very popular.

Various tips for eating well in New YorkFinally, don't forget to book in advance when you want to go to a New York restaurant. Many small stores attract a lot of people and require a little organization.

Always bring cash: it is not uncommon for some small restaurants not to accept the credit card. Also, checks are rarely welcome.

Also keep in mind that the prices indicated do not include the 9% VAT that you will have to add at the end with the 15 to 20% tip.

Here you are, ready to go devouring all the delicacies that New York City has to offer! That said, I have no doubt that you will discover a thousand other delicious addresses! Enjoy your meal.

Article updated May 9, 2020

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