Where to find a fashion dress in New York? Here are the best addresses!

Where to find a fashion dress in New York? Here are the best addresses!

New York fashion dress: the classics

Fifth Avenue

Of course, Fifth Avenue is one of the great classics of New York shopping, and even worldwide! You will find there, over 5 kilometers, the biggest luxury brands such as Fendi, Versace, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Hermès and many others.

Of course, the prices are high, but if your budget allows it, don't hesitate! Strolling down Fifth Avenue is every shopaholic's dream. Go into the shops, take breaks in the cafes and restaurants along the avenue, and above all, indulge yourself!


Then there are also the iconic Macy's and Bloomingdale's. These are huge shopping centers with up to 10 floors and offering absolutely everything. In fact, it's a bit the equivalent of our Galeries Lafayette, but with even more choice, and restaurants and cafes as a bonus!

At Macy's, you will find more than 4 million items, and brands like Burberry, Vera Wang, Donna Karan ... You might as well say that if you are looking for a fashion dress in new york, you will be served! And then, the good plan at Macy's is also the 10% reduction offered to foreigners, for 30 days! To take advantage of it, go to the Macy's website before heading for 34th Street.

Where to find a fashion dress in New York? Here are the best addresses!


As for Bloomingdale's, it is the same concept, with the same style of trendy brands of all kinds. The sellers will be able to advise you carefully, and you can find everything there! That said, I recommend that you get there as soon as it opens (at 10am), so that you have time to walk around before the crowds arrive!

Once you have found the fashion dress of your dreams, know that you can benefit from a 15% discount by having your New York Pass with you! So, see you quickly at 504 Broadway! The brand has several addresses, but this one remains my favorite.

Finally, there is also Saks, but that I don't necessarily recommend you because I'm not a fan. Indeed, this mall only offers luxury brands, and if you do not have a very big budget, you will come out frustrated. So prefer Macy's and Bloomingdale's, which to my taste offer a varied and balanced choice.

Soho's Prada boutique

I also recommend that you go for a walk in the pleasant district of Soho, where you will discover many small designers, as well as the Prada store. And the latter is a must-visit for any shopping lover! For the record, these are the former premises of the Guggenheim museum, and the brand seems to have retained the artistic spirit. When you enter the shop, you feel like you are in a museum dedicated to fashion ! The store is very well organized, equipped with high-tech and design accessories, in short, at the forefront of fashion and modernity! Believe me, you will love it as much as I do!

Where to find a fashion dress in New York? Here are the best addresses!

My little advice? Once you have chosen your dress, try it on, you will be amazed! Indeed, each garment is provided with an RFID tag. Once in the cabin, a screen will list all the details about your dress (or other item). It is a very fun experience!

Did I also mention the mirror that allows you to see yourself in front ... and behind? Welcome to the future at 575 Broadway.

And while you're in the Soho neighborhood, take a trip to American Two Shot, which I had already told you about. Industrial, modern and minimalist decor, the store offers pretty contemporary clothing, and even a café! Enough to take a little break between several fittings.

New York fashion dress: good deals

If your budget is a bit smaller, don't panic! You will also find your happiness and especially your fashion dress in new york. Indeed, the city certainly offers many luxury brands, but also a multitude of much more affordable options. Here are the best places to find a pretty dress (and many other things).

Century 21, a shopper's paradise

What can we say about Century 21, if not that it is a cheap shopping paradise? There is something for all tastes, all colors, all sizes and all brands. And then, the reductions applied sometimes go down up to -85% ! I discovered Century 21 on my first trip to New York, and believe me: I go back there every time!

You should find what you are looking for among the many, many brands on offer, such as Longchamp, Jimmy Choo, Versace or Givenchy.

Where to find a fashion dress in New York? Here are the best addresses!

Also, Century 21 has several addresses in Manhattan and Brooklyn. My favorites? Those of 1972 Broadway, and Lower Manhattan. Indeed, the Broadway store is located right next to Central Park ! What to take a nice quiet break after finding the dress of your dreams! As for the one in Lower Manhattan, it is in front of One World Trade Center, which will allow you to make a small visit to the 11/XNUMX Memorial in passing.

Malin Landaeus, luxury vintage

I already told you about Malin Landaeus in my article giving you shopping ideas in New York, and I repeat here. Because indeed, it is one of my favorite places to go find a pretty vintage dress for a special evening. Yes because, the close up of Malin Landaeus, little one Brooklyn thrift storeis that she offers to rent her clothes for an evening! These are carefully selected, thus offering you articles of exceptional .

If you have a huge crush on a fashion dress, buy it. If you are unsure, rent it and then notify. It's that simple and awesome!

Also, be sure to visit the Brooklyn Brewery, which is right next door, as the store is located at 157 North 6th Street, Brooklyn.

The Woodbury Common Premium Outlet, luxury at reasonable prices

If you're not very 'second hand' but like luxury brands and low prices, New York has got something to suit you too. For that, go to the Woodbury Common Premium Outlet, a true fashion village just a stone's throw from the city!

You will find more 220 brands brands like Gucci or Burberry, and discounts of between 25 and 65%, at any time of the year! A real bargain to find a pretty trendy dress!

In addition, the place is very nice, and I really advise you to plan your day to go there. You will take a bus for 1h30 to the Outlet village, and can do your shopping in peace and even have lunch in one of its restaurants or cafes.

Where to find a fashion dress in New York? Here are the best addresses!

Note that the Woodbury Common Premium Outlet is open from Monday to Sunday, from 9 a.m. to 21 p.m. Enough to have plenty of time to find happiness, isn't it?

Having said that, no change in many stores, so be warned!

Finally, there are a multitude of small thrift stores all over Manhattan and Brooklyn, which I love. I recommend in particular 10 Ft. Single, which offers very trendy items for men and women. You will undoubtedly find a pretty dress there at a very affordable price. The advantage? There is little chance that you will see someone with the same!

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