432 Park Avenue: the apartment of your dreams in New York!

432 Park Avenue: the apartment of your dreams in New York!

Construction of 432 Park Avenue

In place of this now famous building stood the Drake Hotel, dating from 1926 and comprising 495 rooms. The latter was demolished in 2007 to make way for the construction of 432 Par Avenue.

This building was designed by the Uruguayan architect Rafael Viñoly. Also, it began to emerge in 2011, the year during which the work began. The construction of the building was then completed 4 years later, at the end of 2015.

If we stopped measuring buildings at roof level, it would be the tallest building in New York. It is, however, "only" the third tallest structure in New York, behind One World Trade Center (541 meters) and the Empire State Building (443 meters), both of which are above it thanks to the attached antenna. on their roof.

Here is a little reminder of the tallest buildings in New York below.

432 Park Avenue: the apartment of your dreams in New York!

The cost of an apartment at 432 Park Avenue

But in addition to its height, the building at 432 Park Avenue is particularly known for the price of its construction as well as its homes! Indeed, to carry out this building cost the astronomical sum of 1,3 billion dollars!

Luxurious homes

Also, each of the apartments offered is huge and can measure up to more than 700m². Also, they cost between $ 16,95 million to 95 million, just that ! This makes it the building holding the most expensive New York apartment! And the most incredible thing is that the apartment costing $ 95 million has been sold!

That said, once you take a look inside, you understand (a little) better why. Indeed, there is a private restaurant, a cinema, a swimming pool over 20 meters long as well as a luxurious spa, meeting rooms and games for children, but also several private wine cellars, for each home. Not to mention the designer furniture at the forefront of the trend, and the totally unique view and magic on the city! The latter is made accessible thanks to the superb windows 3 meters high and wide, in each apartment.

A concierge service is also included, and residents can take advantage of the billiards, show and of course gym rooms, located in the building. And as a bonus, each inhabitant has the opportunity to get to their home using a private elevator. Rather classy, ​​isn't it?

An apartment ... Or a castle?

Also, if we take the example of the 750m² apartment (the one at 95 million dollars), and you should know that there are 6 magnificent bedrooms. Then, there are at least as many bathrooms, a library and two cabinets.

So if you want to project yourself a bit, here is a photo below of what “taking a bath” means when you live at 432 Park Avenue! Enough to live in your bathtub!

432 Park Avenue: the apartment of your dreams in New York!

That said, if you can't afford accommodation at the top, be aware that you can acquire one of the apartments on the lower floors. For that, count a little less than 17 million dollars. And if a studio is enough for you, then count around $ 7 million.

Astronomical loads

Of course, it doesn't stop there! Indeed, in addition to the maddening prices of the apartments, there are additional charges. I will let you guess ?

Well, for example, for an apartment of a little more than 330m², you will have to pay close to 19 million of dollars in charges. And we are talking here about monthly charges ...

In short, the building of 432 Park Avenue deserves a look, even if you probably won't be able to live there. So walk past New York City's billionaire alley, and imagine yourself living there for a moment ...

432 Park Avenue: the apartment of your dreams in New York!

So now, while waiting to win the lottery (or not), what do we do? Well, if you still want to treat yourself to your stay in New York, I advise you to take a look at my article bringing together the best luxury hotels in the city. You will find my selection of the most beautiful hotels there. And for prices that are certainly high, but much more affordable than 432 Park Avenue, we promise!

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