CBP Global Entry Program: a program to make it easier to enter the United States

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What is the CBP Global Entry program?

The CBP Global Entry program has a simple goal: to enable pre-approved, low-risk travelers to benefit from expedited customs clearance upon arrival in the USA.

Good to know: for all applicants, an extensive background check is carried out and all must pass an interview before their final registration.

Those registered for this program must present their residence card or passport directly at the airport terminal. Their fingerprints must also be scanned to verify their identity. Travelers then complete a customs declaration and receive a receipt telling them to either collect their baggage or proceed to an inspection post.

Brief historical reminder

The CBP Global Entry program was first implemented at selected airports across the country, including John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York. Although “accepted” by travelers, the program was then extended and adopted at other airports in the territory.

Why was this program put in place?

Upon entering the United States, the CBP Global Entry program offers a series of advantages. Established by the US Customs and Border Protection, the CBP Global Entry program was created to simplify the entry formalities at the airport for people traveling to the United States.

People enrolled in the CBP Global Entry program can thus benefit from interesting advantages. In particular, they avoid queues at the immigration service and go directly to the Global Entry counter.

As previously indicated, people subscribed to this program must notably scan their passport, American VISA or American resident card directly at the terminal set up in the airport. To check their fingerprints, all they need to do is place their fingers on the scanner. Following these steps, the terminal prints a transaction receipt directing the traveler to collect their baggage or exit the airport.

Note: although the primary goal of the CBP Global Entry program is to speed up the process of entering the United States, travelers may be required to undergo a thorough examination upon entering the United States. In the event of violation of the terms of the program, measures will be applied such as the termination of privileges granted by the program.

How to register for the CBP Global Entry program?

To be part of the CBP Global Entry program, visit the website https://ttp.cbp.dhs.gov/. Your request then divides into three stages :

  • Make your request directly online and pay the sum of 100 USD. This request will be valid for 5 years.
  • The government conducts an investigation to check your background.
  • An interview takes place with CBP officers at an enrollment center in the United States. This step takes place before the final result of your request. You can also take this interview with the registration service when you arrive at the airport (possible at some airports). This avoids scheduling an appointment.

The CBP Global Entry program is interesting because it allowsaccelerate its entry into the United States. But remember, in order to participate and become a Trusted Traveler, you must be low risk and pre-approved.

CBP Global Entry device and ESTA application: what is it?

If you are planning to fly to New York or another state, do not forget to apply for your ESTA before boarding. Indeed, this document is compulsory to enter the United States. To make the request, you must go through the site https://esta.cbp.dhs.gov/esta/.

Once connected to the official site, you will just have to follow the steps. As soon as you have requested a "New Application", you will have to accept the legal conditions, fill in your personal data, answer the questions of admissibility in the USA, verify the information completed and proceed to the payment of your ESTA application.

Your ESTA is not valid indefinitely. It has a limited duration as explained in this article. It is also not free (see the ESTA price).

When you complete your personal data, you will be asked a question asking if you are part of the CBP Global Entry program. Answer no if you are of French, Swiss or Belgian nationality, because these countries are not eligible for the program. To find out which countries are eligible, visit cbp.gov.

If you didn't know the meaning and how the CBP Global Entry program works, you can see it more clearly now, right?

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