Crossing the street and looking at your phone: soon to be illegal in New York?

Crossing the street and looking at your phone: a gesture that could be expensive

Accidents due to inattention are very numerous. It must be said that more and more pedestrians prefer to have their eyes fixed on their phones rather than on vehicles approaching the pedestrian crossing.

In New York, looking at your phone while crossing the street could become illegal. Indeed, a bill tabled in the New York Senate, would prohibit pedestrians checking email, texting, surfing the web and doing a whole other thing on their mobile as they cross a street.

This bill was proposed by John Liu who wishes punish with a fine, pedestrians crossing the street with their eyes riveted on their phones. The fines distributed would vary (from $ 25 to $ 50) and for repeat offenders, the amount could climb to $ 250.

For the law to pass, the New York State Assembly and Senate transport committees must give the green light.

People looking at their phones while crossing the street are very insecure. This leads in particular to falls and collisions between pedestrians and motorists. Moreover, between 2009 and 2016, the number of pedestrians who died increased sharply (46% according to the national security committee). This bill therefore seems to be a necessity.

A law already in force in other countries

While the bill to punish pedestrians for using their phones while crossing the street is yet to pass in New York City, other countries have a law already in place. This is the case withHonolulu to Hawaii where a law entered into force in 2017. Here, the fine amounts to 35 dollars.

In Honolulu, pedestrians can talk on the phone while crossing the street, as long as they are aware of what is going on around it. However, they are not allowed to look at any electronic device at the same time as it crosses a street or an expressway.

And in France, could such a bill also be put in place?

As noted, the bill has yet to be passed in New York. Will it be soon? Will looking at your phone and crossing the street at the same time soon be the result of illegality? Business to follow ... While waiting for the approval or the rejection of this bill, take a look at these other news on New York:

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