Discover the Film Biz Recycling store

Film Biz Recycling, a Brooklyn store for movie fans

Here is a little known and unusual store that will not leave you indifferent! A real experience for all the moviegoers who sleep in us.  

In your opinion, what happens to the decorative objects that have been used in films, TV series or other programs? Film Biz Recycling recovers them… In fact you can buy objects of all kinds that have been shot in films !!!

Unlike your regular thrift store, Film Biz Recycling sells and rents used movie props. Anything you can imagine the store can have it. There you will find all kinds of wigs, gadgets, accessories, decorations and devices to suit your inner Spielberg for those they want to get into the cinematic art. It's like a flea market dedicated to cinema.

Film Biz Recyclin, where did the idea come from?

Eva Radke, decided 2 years ago to create a space to sell and rent anything that the film industry did not want in an eco-responsible approach. The result is Film Biz Recycling, a large industrial space in Brooklyn, full of all kinds of items. All given by different show business companies such as HBO. You will be able to find there articles worthy of the biggest TV shows, and which you probably will not find elsewhere. In addition the prices are relatively low!

Film Biz Recycling is really aimed at film and theater lovers. It is the ideal place where you go when you need period pieces or unusual objects to give another dimension to your house or apartment, If you have a fancy dress party or if you are a director and you have need many specific items!

Where is the Film Biz Recycling store located?

You should know that you will not find this place easily. The shop is hidden on the side of a building next to a parking lot. You have to ring a doorbell, wait for it to be opened, and then enter a yard. However don't worry, there are many signs that will guide you to the finish.

website: Film Biz Recycling

Address: 540 President St., Brooklyn, NY

Hours: Monday to Friday: 10 a.m. to 19 p.m. / Saturday and Sunday: 12 p.m. to 19 p.m.

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