Discovering the Charging Bull in the Wall Street district

Charging Bull - the bull of Wall Street

Have you ever seen the movie Hitch? No, then you just put it on your must-see movies list before you go to New York. In the film, the famous bull makes an appearance.

The Wall Street Bull is a bronze sculpture by Italian-American artist Arturo di Modica. In the stock market, investors who think the stock market will go up are called Bulls (bulls) and those who think the stock market will go down Bears (bear). This is why the Charging Bull (statue representing a moving bull) was placed in front of the New York Stock Exchange building.

And to think that the bull of Wall Street was originally a sign of protest against the financial oligarchy.

Some info on Charging Bull

The wall street bull has several names. It is known as the Charging Bull, Wall Street Bull or Bowling Green Bull. This bull still weighs 3,2 tons, and will have cost $ 360 to manufacture it.

The history of this sculpture is a bit unusual: following the stock market crash of 1987, the artist Arturo di Modica decided to make with his own funds a bronze sculpture weighing more than three tons (the weight is important), and evoking "The unwavering optimism of financial strength". He placed the work illegally in one of the squares facing Wall Street. With her weight New York City scrambled to remove her, she was finally adopted immediately, but the city removed her a few weeks later. In front of the protests and the many petitions, it was put back in place a little further away so as not to move (in Bowling Green Park).

Over time, the Charging Bull has become the symbol of "the strength, power and hope of the American people for the future"

Take a photo with the Charging Bull

Taking pictures of course, but I didn't want half the New York tourists in my photo of the Charging Bull. In order to have a nice photo without too many people around, I advise you to spend the morning very early or in the evening.

Good to know

  • When I was there barriers to protect the Charging Bull were installed, as well as a policeman watching the queue of tourists being photographed it's a shame for the photos!

The legend around the Charging Bull

The statue is a great tourist attraction. It is one of the most photographed sites in the city! The Wall Street bull has even developed a legend. Some people say that stroking the bull in certain places brings good luck and prosperity. it's about the nose, horns and testicles It's become a tradition, everyone does it… Would you like to do it?

Where exactly is Charging Bull in New York?

Address: 1 Bowling Green, New York, NY

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