Everything you need to know about tips and taxes

Everything you need to know about tips and taxes


When we travel, we understand a little better why foreigners consider us tight-fisted. Indeed, in New York, there is a strong tip culture in several domains. Tipping is a requirement in most restaurants and bars in the United States. In New York, you are more or less forced to pay it when you are served. But the percentage varies considerably depending on the industry.

In restaurants, the tip is not included in the prices you see on the map, it's up to you to add it when you receive the bill (it's up to you to do the math).

The minimum tip is 15% of the total addition, so you have to pay for it with every meal.

However, if you feel that the service is not satisfactory, you can dispute it by asking to speak to the manager.

In the toilets, the custom is to leave 50 cents and $ 1 dollars the most luxurious places.

In hotels, hotel employees expect a tip if they serve you, if a porter helps you find a taxi, tip from $ 2.00 is the norm, if room service is not included you must give 15%.

When you take a taxi, you must leave 15% of the total amount of the race.


- Be careful, some restaurants add the tip automatically so check before paying.

- if you pay in credit card, you must add the tip by hand on the ticket, calculate the total and sign, as in Belgium for example. Never leave the field blank! Most of the time as soon as you are French (our reputation precedes us), the server has already made you pay the tip in the total, add $ 0 on the tip line and copy the total on the next line ...

The taxes

The prices of products and services do not include taxes in North America. In boutiques and stores, expect to pay around 6% tax. This is added at the time of payment, and may differ depending on the state and the type of purchase.

In hotels, it fluctuates between 10 and 15%; for everything that is restaurants, clothing, car rental, etc… it varies between 5 and 10%.

Traders, restaurateurs and hoteliers therefore add it to the cash register. Only food products sold in stores are not subject to tax (in fact, it depends on the states). Likewise, some sectors, it is true not many, are exempt.

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