How to get to Washington DC from New York?

How to get to Washington DC from New York?

What means to choose to go to Washington DC?

To go to Washington DC you have many possibilities, car, bus, train or plane, depending on your budget, choose the solution that suits you best. for each of them, i will explain to you in the easiest way how to get from New york to Washington DC.

Rent a car to go to Washington DC

If you like not having constraints, go on an adventure without taking the lead and that your wallet allows it the coolest and funniest solution is to rent a car to get to Washington DC. It's a great experience to be able to drive in the USA and see the landscape go by. For my part, I greatly appreciated !!!

Duration: about 3h35

Price: It all depends on the number of days and the vehicle you choose but count on a minimum of $ 100 / day

Comfort: +++++

Regarding car rental in the United States, there are two agencies that stand out, I cannot advise you Rentalcars or reviews. By dint of looking for the lowest prices, I have come to the conclusion that these two agencies are the most advantageous, after this is only my opinion. You can always check if necessary on the competitors' site ...

here are their sites: and


  • With your French license (valid) you can drive in the USA if you stay less than 3 months on American soil (except in Florida). beyond three months you will need an international permit from the prefecture of your department it's free.
  • Remember to take a GPS when renting your vehicle, without it is really a hassle. The roads in the USA are totally different from the European roads. If you have a 3G connection with your laptop you can still use it.
  • Normally if you stay less than 3 months, you do not need to take insurance your bank card includes this type of insurance (to check with your bank before leaving

Take the train to Washington DC

If the car is a bit overpriced and you don't feel confident driving on American roads, don't hesitate to take the peace and stress free solution with the train. The Amtrak is the SNCF of the United States. It's very simple, you just have to book train tickets on the Amtrak website and take the train from Penn Station.

Amtrak website in French:

Duration: between 3h30 and 4h depending on the number of stops

Price: from $ 150 for a return trip

Comfort: +++ To know:

  • prices vary depending on the day and time of departure. there are often promotional offers, remember to check the site regularly.
  • There are departures every day !!!

Take the Bus to Washington DC

How to get to Washington DC from New York?

To get to Washington DC you can use la most economical solution, but the longest, "the bus". There are several bus companies that make the trips every day:

- G look on their website for e-fare web promotions reduced prices from NY $ 27 one way / $ 46 AR) from Port Authority (42nd street / 8th ave).

- Buses from Chinatown New York to Chinatown Washington DC (several companies depending on the route, they are all indicated on the site in general $ 35 AR (one bus approximately every hour).

- There are also 2 low-cost bus companies, megabus ( and boltbus (, there the price varies depending on when you take the ticket (from $ 1, but you have to take the ticket well in advance). Buses depart from midtown (34 or 42nd Street westside).

Duration: between 4-5 hours depending on traffic jams and the number of stops (sometimes stop in Philadelphia and / or Baltimore)

Price: between $ 35 and $ 65 round trip

Comfort: + To know:

  • If you don't want to waste time and see the essentials of Washington DC, there are many Tour Operators who organize days to visit the city like Citysights. You leave at 7am in the morning and return around 20pm. Count at $ 149 / person. 🙂

Take a plane to Washington DC

If you have an unlimited budget and want to save time, don't hesitate to do it !!! For my part, I never had the opportunity.

Flight duration: 1h30

Price: between $ 240 and $ 360 round trip. you can always find cheaper depending on the companies and the periods

Comfort: +++++

If you want to learn more about Washington DC's must-sees, it's here!

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