Long Lines Building: New York's Mysterious, Windowless Skyscraper

Long Lines Building: a skyscraper that stands out

Located at 33 Thomas Street in the TriBeCa district, the Long Lines Building is a building of 168 meters high (29 floors in total), in a rather particular style, devoid of ornaments and which has no windows. It was built in 1974 and is owned by AT&T, the second largest telephone operator in the USA.

As the site tells "The Intercept", this skyscraper would be capable of face an atomic attack and this building would have water, food and electricity supplies to meet the needs of 1500 people for two weeks in the event of a disaster.

For a very long time, this imposing and intriguing building has aroused the curiosity of many New Yorkers and tourists who wonder what it may be hiding. In reality, it houses telecommunications equipment society and the absence of windows has a specific goal: to protect this famous equipment.

But this building could hide other secrets ...

A windowless skyscraper with secret functions

If the Long Lines Building houses telecommunications equipment, speculation about it is rife. Indeed, according to an investigation conducted by the site "The Intercept" and carried out on the basis of NSA documents issued by the American whistleblower, Edward Snowden, this building would also be a NSA spy center whose purpose would be to intercept communications from foreign countries. But on the documents provided, the AT&T operator and the building are not mentioned in black and white.

Long Lines Building = Titanpointe

On documents issued by the NSA, code names are mentioned: Titanpointe for the building and Lithium for the operator. But why is this skyscraper so interested in the NSA? Quite simply, because communications from abroad are routed by the operator from this building. Using its equipment, AT&T would capture the data and send it to the NSA.

An imposing building, but discreet

Activities taking place inside the building must remain discreet. But according to travel manuals obtained by the site, NSA employees working there must follow a procedure : They must go there with an FBI vehicle and in an outfit that does not mention their membership in the NSA. After notifying AT&T, they must proceed to nearby FBI offices before proceeding to the Long Lines Building. Here they will have to ring the bell and wait for someone to come and get them.

At present, the operator AT&T disputes these revelations and as indicated, on the documents issued, such capacities were not mentioned. However, they reveal that the NSA has their own equipment on site and for the site "The Intercept" it is quite possible that the room where the equipment is installed is managed by technicians from AT&T, a possibility already suggested in one of the NSA documents in 2013.

Where is the Long Lines Building located?

The Long Lines Building is located at 33 Thomas Street in the TriBeCa district:

As soon as you walk past this windowless building, you won't see it like it used to be and a few chills may come over you!

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