New York hockey game: meet the NY Rangers team

New York hockey game: meet the NY Rangers team

New York hockey game: how to buy your tickets?

Buying tickets on the spot, a risky option

If you want to go see a New York Rangers game (which I highly recommend), you have several options. First of all, you can buy your tickets once on the spotat the counters provided for this purpose. This will give you the advantage of being spontaneous and of deciding at the last moment to attend a match.

That said, if you are sure you want to attend, I strongly recommend that you plan ahead. Indeed, the Rangers being a very appreciated team locally, the places for their matches generally leave very quickly. Also, that's why I advise you to do it in advance, andbuy your tickets online.

New York hockey game: meet the NY Rangers team

Buy tickets online, the best option

For this, I recommend the Superbillets site, leader in the United States, which has the advantage of offering an interface in French and the lowest prices on the market. You will be able to choose the match that suits you best and pay by credit card directly online. Your tickets will then be sent to you by post or email, in the form ofe-tickets. These are very practical, since you can have them directly on your mobile. You will therefore not have to print them. This is a very quick, easy and convenient option. Personally, I only use e-tickets (which I print out of conscience) when I attend a sports match.

Book my tickets for the Rangers with Superbillets

New York hockey game: meet the NY Rangers team

Continue reading now for the dates of the next Rangers Hockey games. I will then give you some practical information to get to the game.

New York Rangers game schedule

Here is the schedule of the next Rangers matches.

And if you want to consult a particular date, use the search engine.

Ice hockey team: New York Rangers

New York City has seen two major rival hockey teams, the Rangers and the Islanders. While the former play their matches at Madison Square Garden, the latter are based in the borough of Brooklyn, at the Barclays Center. Moreover, the rivalry of the latter is known as the Battle of New York, "The Battle of New York" in English.

A third hockey team exists, the New Jersey Devils, but it is less well known than the previous two. Also, I would advise you to go see that of the New York Rangers, which is truly emblematic of New York City and considered the best. This is an activity that you can also do with family, friends or as a couple, so don't hesitate!

An emblematic team

Nicknamed the Broadway Blueshirts, the New York Rangers team were founded in 1926 and are part of the NHL along with the original 6 teams. The other 5 are from the Boston Bruins, Chicago Blackhawks, Montreal Canadiens, Detroit Red Wings and Toronto Maple Leafs.

The New York Rangers team won the Stanley Cup in 1928, 1933, 1940 and 1994. They are nicknamed "Broadwayd Blueshirts" because of the color of their shirts and the fact that they are located next to Broadway.

New York hockey game: meet the NY Rangers team

Unmissable matches

Also, if you want to go see a hockey game in New York, know that the New York Rangers team playsOctober to April. Count at least $ 60 per ticket. I advise you to do it in advance if you want to attend a match. Indeed, the team being very much adored, places are taken by storm very quickly.

Also, the rival New York Rangers team is that of the New York Islanders, the second most famous local team. Founded in 1972, it won the Stanley Cup in 1980 and 1983. It played at the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum until 2015, before moving to the Barclays Center, located in the borough of Brooklyn.

To book your tickets to see the New York Rangers, click on this link.

Watch an ice hockey game

The progress of matches and seasons

As mentioned above, the ice hockey season is mostly held inOctober to April. A few games are played in September, and the Stanley Cup playoff games run until the end of June.

Also, know that an ice hockey team is made up of 5 players as well as a caretaker. A match will consist of three rounds lasting 20 minutes each. That said, don't think the whole game will only last an hour! Indeed, time is only counted when the puck is in motion. Also, an ice hockey game usually lasts no less than two o'clock.

If you want to see the atmosphere in Madison Square Garden during a Rangers hockey game, here's what to expect. The video was shot during player entry (which starts around 2:15):

At the end of the match period, the post-season matches, also called « playoffs ». These are much more popular than those of the official season, given that they are playoff games and therefore very important. Indeed, the team winning the final will win the coveted Stanley Cup!

New York hockey game: meet the NY Rangers team

New York hockey match: which place to choose?

Also, if you want to see the New York Rangers play, you will need to plan ahead to make sure you get a seat that meets your expectations and budget.

Also, note that the further away you are, the more difficult it will be to see the puck. Try to choose a central place, in order to make a good compromise between budget and comfort. Also, I recommend for example the numbered seats in the 200, which in my opinion are the best. Prices vary between $ 80 and $ 250 for a ticket, but the situation is really optimal. Moreover, the best are undoubtedly those located between 209 and 213, then from 222 to 226. Note, however, that Madison Square Garden is well laid out and that we can see the match well from almost any place. . The video you saw just above for example was shot from section 316 and as you can see the action can be seen very well.

If you really have a larger budget, do not hesitate to opt for the seats in the 100. And more precisely between 105 and 109 or between 115 and 119. A ticket for the latter will cost you between 150 and a little over 400 $, but the location is just unique. So if you're a big fan (and you've got the budget), indulge yourself!

To help you get your bearings in the stadium, here is a map of the stadium below:

New York hockey game: meet the NY Rangers team

Useful information

How do I get to Madison Square Garden?

To get to Madison Square Garden, go to the heart of the Manhattan borough. Indeed, the stadium is located at 4 Pennsylvania Plaza, a stone's throw from the Penn Station Guard. So you can either take the A, C or E subway lines to 8th Avenue station. Alternatively, you can also take lines 1, 2 or 3 to the station 7th Avenue – Penn Station. Finally, the B, D, F, M, N, Q and R metro lines will take you to 34 St-Herald Square station, a stone's throw from Madison Square Garden stadium.

And once the game is over, you will have the choice between taking the subway or opting for a New York taxi if you are a little tired of all these emotions! An option that will allow you to avoid the crowds in the metro, while living the experience of the famous yellow taxi.

At what time should I go to the stadium?

Many of you don't really know when to arrive at Madison Square Garden. Also, I obviously recommend that you arrive in advance, without planning for hours. You might indeed get bored.

Also, I advise you to arrive between a half an hour and an hour in advance. Thus, you will be sure to be able to take a short tour of the stadium and to be able to settle down quietly before the start of the match.

So go take a trip to the bathroom so you don't have to get up during the match. Then, pass by the snack stands and opt for a hot dog just to blend in with the crowd! That said, don't worry if you don't have the time. Indeed, street vendors will circulate during the game to satisfy you!

Once properly installed, you'll be ready to listen the National anthem and to witness the start of a historic and breathtaking match!

So, are you ready to go see a hockey game in New York and support the Rangers team as it should be? Be sure to buy some gadgets bearing the image of the team, just to do like the locals! In addition, they can make you beautiful memories or gifts for your friends when you get back!

Finally, don't forget to bring a small vest or even a coat if it's cool, because it is still an ice rink! The temperatures will therefore always be a little cooler than outside. And it goes without saying, bring your camera or your camera to immortalize all these beautiful moments!

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