Roberta's pizza: the best pizza in New York

Roberta's pizza: the best pizza in New York

Roberta's pizza: a restaurant like no other

It's been a while since the desire to try the famous restaurant Roberta’s pizza tickled me. I had read on some blogs or guides that this pizzeria in the depths of Brooklyn in the Bushwick neighborhood was a little gem, the best pizzeria in New York but also arguably the most original. So I was going to be able to check it for myself.

Already it is an initiatory journey, the pizzeria is located in the middle of Brooklyn, completely lost in a former industrial zone, moreover you can take the opportunity to take full eyes with the graffiti that adorns the many walls of the neighborhood = > Bushwick, the temple of street art.

On my arrival, I find myself facing an entrance that does not look very attractive, the place seems unwelcoming from the inside. Once you have passed the door, you will discover a large, noisy, warm room with its wooden tables, its glass roof and its waiting room where you can have a drink. This former garage has been converted into a restaurant, creating a sensation, a rather friendly and family atmosphere. The things I had read were so true!

What can we eat at Roberta's Pizza?

The restaurant menu is quite extensive! You will find many vegetarian dishes but also delicious pizzas or pasta. I find the restaurant to be a tasty mix of chic cuisine and homemade cuisine. The craft beers are original (with its pizza it's very pleasant). The service is very attentive. I have done many pizzeria like Juliana's Pizza and I can guarantee you that the pizzas are indeed Top.

Good to know

  • There are no reservations here, first come first serve. I advise you to go there during the week and rather at noon.
  • If you are looking for a local atmosphere you can come in the evening and count 2 hours in line.
  • Being in an abandoned Brooklyn neighborhood, Roberta's pizza still doesn't attract as many tourists as real New Yorkers, but for how long.

Where is Roberta's pizza restaurant located?

Roberta's pizza can be found in Bushwick, which is a renovated and changing hipster neighborhood. To get there you have to take metro line L Roberta's pizza: the best pizza in New Yorkand get off at the station Morgan av. For Schedules, Roberta's pizza is open everyday from 11:00 am to midnight.

Address: 261 Moore St, Brooklyn, NY 11206

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