The Top 5 Best Pizzas in New York

 1) Roberta’s pizza

Roberta's pizza is undoubtedly the best pizza in New York today, the atmosphere and the neighborhood also contribute to the fact that I love this place so much, the pizzeria is located in the middle of Brooklyn, completely lost in a former industrial area, d Elsewhere you can take the opportunity to be amazed by the graffiti that adorns the many walls of the neighborhood. Please note, the address is known and the wait is often long. But everything is planned to make it pleasant in the backyard where you can have a drink. Above all, don't be afraid when you get out of the subway because the place is light years from Manhattan, but frankly it's worth the detour!

2) Paulie gee’s

Go get lost in Greenpoint to take pictures of Manhattan and feast on a good wood-fired pizza in a subdued atmosphere. The owner, who has an air of Woody Allen, goes around the tables and makes sure that everything is going perfectly well for you, well I was the case when I went!

3) Of Fara Pizza

In this little restaurant that looks pretty stuck in the middle of a Jewish quarter (Yiddish press, kosher restaurants and shops) where nothing has changed for many years. You can enjoy delicious pizzas. Demenico de Marco the pizzayolo has been practicing his art for half a century. The master kneads the dough in front of the customers. Expect to queue. Di Fara Pizza is another legendary pizzeria, crowned best pizzeria on several occasions.

4) Joe’s Pizza

Impossible to pass in the West Village without making a stop at Joe's Pizza. At Joe's we do not come for the decoration !! this tiny little shop is nevertheless one of the best pizzerias I have had the opportunity to taste in New York! the dough is succulent and the portions are consistent, the choice is not very wide but remain classic because the simplest are the best !! There are always a lot of people: businessmen, locals and workers who quickly eat their share. Pizza slices are not expensive, they cost $ 2,75 per slice!

Good to know:  Maybe you'll meet Leonardo DiCaprio there: Joe's pizza is his sweet tooth 

 5) Julianna's

This pizzeria is located just at the end of the Brooklyn bridge. The welcome is very friendly. Sitting at the counter, we watch the cooks create and shape the pizzas that will be cooked over a wood fire. A very friendly and very caring boss! Speaking a few words of French 🙂 A pleasant moment! Go there with your eyes closed you will not be disappointed. The walk in front of the skyline after lunch or dinner ends this excellent moment.

An advice: Remember to come to the above pizzerias half an hour before opening or in rainy weather to avoid waiting too long.

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