This iconic 5th avenue in Manhattan!

It all starts with mythical buildings, too!

The Flatiron is not the tallest building in Manhattan. But it is a strong symbol of New York dynamics. Entrance, for the moment, is not permitted for the general public. Otherwise, very close to this building is Madison Square. From Madison Square, you continue your tour by heading towards the Empire State Building. The apartment building is half a mile from Madison Square. And it offers a very nice panoramic view that visitors really appreciate. A detour to the Empire State Building is simply a must in Manhattan, or even for a trip to America.

You're still heading south, and you'll come across the New York Public Library not far away. Admission is free and it is constantly teeming with people. For a walk along 5th Avenue, you have to walk no less than 5 km. So want to rest? Bryant Park is a quiet place to take your breath away. It just backs onto the New York Public Library.

Before arriving in Central Park, your journey will always be littered with buildings

The Rockefeller Center is located about ten minutes from Bryant Park. It is a complex that consists of 19 buildings, all overlooked by the GE Building with a height of 259 meters. The dominating square footage of this sprawling complex still stirs and intrigues visitors' attention, even though the GE building is not as popular as the Empire State Building.

Arriving near Rockefeller Center, you are already surrounded by a forest of skyscrapers that dominate the surrounding views. These skyscrapers are so numerous and so tall that the largest Catholic building in the United States appears tiny in the middle.

Saint Patrick's Cathedral is 100 meters long and 100 meters high. She finds herself face to face with Rockefeller Center. Not far from there, an astonishing glass cube fascinates the curious, the intellectuals and the followers of Apple products: it is the Apple Store. Open 24 hours a day, 24 days a week, the cube is teeming with enthusiasts at the end of the afternoon. The penultimate stop on your 7th Avenue journey is the Plaza Hotel, a mythical building full of history too.

It is while continuing this route that you will arrive in Central Park. Central Park is located at the southern end of 5th Avenue. No need for a lot of presentation because we all know it: more than 30 million visitors per year, more than 400 ha in area, quiet paths for hiking and enough space to get some fresh air or to organize a picnic -nique ...

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