What to do in Staten Island? Discover my little practical guide

What to do in Staten Island? Discover my little practical guide

Take a walk on the Greenbelt

Do you want to escape the hustle and bustle and recharge your batteries for a short time? Head to the Greenbelt! This park, whose real name is the High Rock Park, is very popular with locals, who appreciate its absolute calm.

You will find five ponds, hiking trails, and many trees where to bask in the shade. In addition, the park has beautiful wildlife, including turtles and herons. In short, the perfect place to unwind a little, or to take your children for a family walk.

What to do in Staten Island? Discover my little practical guide

Finally, if you like to walk, then climb to the top of Moses Mountain, from where the view of New York is simply incredible!

What to do in Staten Island: a tour of Snug Harbor

If history and science interest you, then take a trip to Snug Harbor, located right in Botanical Garden. This house dating from the 19th century was originally built as a refuge and dormitory for retired sailors.

Now, the place holds many diverse works and curiosities, ranging from photos to paintings and archival documents. A godsend for the curious!

Visit the Tibetan Museum

To live a moment completely unusual, head to the Tibetan Museum, considered a historic place. You will walk the outdoor terraces and discover part of the history of Tibet. Culture, religion, history and the arts are covered, and are sure to interest you.

And then, this is the perfect opportunity to try your hand at meditation. Enough to leave in the heart of Manhattan well rested!

What to do in Staten Island? Discover my little practical guide

Walk the South Beach Board Walk

Water is your element, and you love having the ocean, a river or anything else in your sight? So take a stroll along the South Beach Board Walk. You will rub shoulders with the Atlantic Ocean for 3 kilometers. Of course, the promenade contains many nice places to stop and order snacks.

And then, stay tuned for the program if you plan to go there in the summer, because the place often hosts concerts and other events!

Take a break at "Every Thing Goes Book Cafe"

For lovers of peace, good coffee and reading, you will be in paradise at the “Every Thing Goes Book Cafe”. Open since the 70s, it has many second-hand books that you can consult, quietly installed and drinking your tea or coffee.

What to do in Staten Island? Discover my little practical guide

For workers, know that the cafe has a WiFi connection that you can take advantage of. Also, the place organizes weekly small events like cinema screenings. The perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in the 100% local and relaxed evenings of the Big Apple!

I must also admit that since I discovered this place, I go back every time I go to New York! A real Safe Haven.

Have a beer at Killmeyer's Old Bavarian Inn

One thing I love to do in the summer is get to Staten Island in the late afternoon and have a beer at Killmeyer's. It is a “beer garden”, the concept of which comes straight from Germany. You can also see it by the costumes worn by the waitresses. Not very local then, but really nice! You will be seated in the garden, and can enjoy live music. Indeed, the Killmeyer's welcomes music groups four times a week!

Of course, you will find dishes there typically german, as well as imported beers. What to spend an evening for the less exotic!

Come on, quickly meet at 4254 Arthur Kill Road for a toast with friends! Note that the Killmeyer's Old Bavarian Inn opens daily at 11 a.m., except Sunday (noon). Then, it closes its doors at midnight on weekdays and Sundays, and remains open until 2 a.m. on Friday and Saturday.

Spend the evening at Westerleigh Park

Also in summer, and after spending the early evening at Killmeyer's, head to Westerleigh Park! Here, it's cool: we bring our picnic, blankets, and we settle in the grass. Of many concerts take place there during the summer, and the locals like to bask there until nightfall. The perfect plan for a relaxed evening with friends, couple or family!

What to do in Staten Island? Discover my little practical guide

So, you're still wondering what to do in Staten Island? Beautiful things, aren't they? Don't miss out on discovering this pretty New York borough. It will give you a glimpse into life 100% local, and you will do things that your friends probably didn't! Good discoveries and above all good relaxation to all!

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