Top 5 best guides to New York

Top 5 best guides to New York

New York Guide: our top 5

1 - New York Cartoville, the most synthetic

Top 5 best guides to New YorkCartoville New York is a tourist guide with a generalist look that offers you interesting maps. With this short guide, you will be able to easily spotted in New York and quickly find what you are looking for. Illustrated by Penelope Bagieu, author of the blog “My life is quite fascinating”, Cartoville New York highlights restaurants, must-see monuments and famous places to visit. In total, 100 sites are located in this book. Thanks to this little tourist guide to New York, you will be able to enjoy your trip without looking for hours for the place of an activity. You can also visit famous places in New York like Central Park, Lower East Side or Harlem.

Unlike other tourist guides, Cartoville New York is very synthetic and provides you with one card per district to help you find your way around the Big Apple without any difficulty. You will also find all the essential information have a good stay. Its author, Pénélope Bagieu, also gives you all her advice and all her good addresses for a successful trip to New York, rich in discoveries!

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Why buy this New York City Travel Guide?

His advantages

Cartoville New York to a boilerplate format (17,5 x 1,2 x 12,5 cm for 76 pages) which allows it to be carried anywhere without being cluttered. This minimalist format will therefore allow you to store it in your bag without any problem and to take it out quickly if necessary.

His side generalist and synthetic will give you the opportunity to find the essentials in no time at all. Thanks to the maps provided, you will have very little chance of getting lost in New York! You will also have the chance to enjoy the best New York addresses thanks to the advice given by the author.

Cartoville New York is a very popular tourist guide useful and interesting for first-time travelers to New York City. All the details highlighted in this book will be of great help to you and allow you to visit iconic places and enjoy the must-see activities of the Big Apple.

Finally, this Cartoville New York is very nice to watch. The illustrations are very well done, the fonts are varied and the designs well chosen.

Its disadvantages

In this tourist guide, we have found only one negative point. If the plans are very well developed and clear, this guide lacks explanations to better understand the city.

2 - The Routard New York 2017, the most useful

Top 5 best guides to New YorkThe backpacker is the most famous French-speaking tourist guide. Very serious and generalist, Le Routard is updated every year in order to provide all its buyers with the best addresses and places to visit in the Big Apple. In this tourist guide to New York, you will find beautiful photos, cards to guide you better, impressions author-travelers and explanations on each place. The Routard is a complete guide which will suit the vast majority of you!

In this tourist book, you will therefore have an overview of New York and Brooklyn. The Routard is very rich in information. In fact, inside, you will have the chance to find photos of New York, maps to help you find your way around, backpacker favorites and essential addresses found nowhere else! You will also have the chance to find all the cultural and original tours, detailed maps and information updated every year.

Through these tourist guides, Le Routard undertakes to respect its convictions: freedom and independence of mind, discovery and sharing, respect for others and honesty.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of this tourist guide?

His advantages

Le Routard offers all its readers a cutting according to the different districts of New York. For each New York district, a lot of information is provided: addresses of restaurants, hotels, shops and the main activities of the borough. To help you better, all its information is classified in a precise order: from the cheapest to the most expensive.

The first pages of this tourist book give readers a very practical guide over New York City. In this first part, you will find the main information for a successful stay. Important information such as things to avoid in New York, contact details in case of a problem are also given.

Le Routard is a very general tourist guide full which provides each traveler with all the useful and necessary information for a good stay.

Its disadvantages

If Le Routard is a tourist guide very rich in information, it is not very compact. Indeed, it consists of 440 pages for 11,5 x 1,6 x 19,2 cm.

3 - Lonely Planet, the most complete

Top 5 best guides to New YorkLonely Planet is a real gold mine of information. This very comprehensive tourist guide brings together all the essentials for an unforgettable trip to New York!

Composed of 448 pages, the Lonely Planet on New York offers its readers beautiful photos and information useful for organizing your stay according to your expectations, desires and interests. The duration of your stay as well as your budget can also be taken into account in your organization thanks to this guide.

In this book, you can find all the sites to visit (famous museums, emblematic monuments…). Precise information on each place is also given as well as cried (map of Central Park or the Met) and illustrations. If you don't know what to visit, itinerary ideas are also given. You can also organize your trip according to your wishes: museums, outdoor walks, nightlife ... trips by themes are also available (stay with children, shopping, free activities, etc.).

Lonely Planet also provides you with a selection of best addresses of restaurants, hotels, bars ... Maps by district and a map of the city are also available.

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The "+" and "-" of this Lonely Planet

His advantages

Lonely Planet is a very rich in information. In this book, everything is gathered to organize your stay according to your expectations, budget, desires. Thanks to the transport map, you can also get around easily.

This New York City Travel Guide will teach you about main things to see and do, but not only. For each district of New York, you will find the best places to eat, shop, go out ... Restaurants and shops in each district are also listed.

- trips by themes are also very useful for all those looking for a unique stay that meets their expectations.

The multiples maps and plans will allow you to better locate yourself within the Big Apple.

Its disadvantages

Admittedly, Lonely Planet is very complete, but if you want a little suspense, then this tourist guide will not have it in store for you. Indeed, with Lonely Planet, New York will have no more secrets for you! Its dimensions (13,1 x 2,9 x 19,8 cm) and number of pages do not make it a very compact guide either.

4 - New York for New Yorkers, the most authentic

Top 5 best guides to New YorkNew York for New Yorkers is a tourist guide specialized which concentrates a lot of very useful information: bars, restaurants, nightclubs, concert halls… The author's tips are also delivered to you.

The New York of New Yorkers gives you the opportunity to experience a unique journey! Thanks to this little tourist guide, you can live like a local for the duration of your stay. The author of this guide is Karim Geist and he gives you 250 must-see addresses and dear to New Yorkers. The New York of New Yorkers is therefore the ideal tourist guide to discover the Big Apple in depth and thus unravel all its mysteries. Moreover, so that you get the most out of each visit, the author also gives you the best period, the best day and the ideal weather.

This New York guide will allow you to spend pleasant moments with your partner, family or friends. For example, you will know where to go for dinner, where to enjoy a magnificent sunset, where to party, where to do your shopping, where to shop ...

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Why choose the New York guide for New Yorkers?

His advantages

This tourist guide is very well done: all places are clearly and precisely described on 144 pages. Thanks to the small descriptions, you will know immediately if the chosen address will satisfy you. Pretty pictures illustrate this tourist guide. These will allow you to travel to New York and discover the famous streets of the Big Apple just by turning the pages!

Thanks to the 250 addresses listed, you will therefore have a very wide choice. This tourist guide will meet all tastes and expectations. With The New York of New Yorkers, you will easily find essential addresses!

Its disadvantages

With The New York of New Yorkers, it is quite difficult to locate addresses. If these are entered at the beginning of each paragraph, their location is difficult to identify. It is therefore advisable to do a little research to locate them precisely.

5 - New York, secrets of New Yorkers, the most "New Yorker"

Top 5 best guides to New YorkThe New York guide, secrets of New Yorkers is a tourist guide developed by a purebred New Yorker: Annick Herbelin Bourbon. In her book, she offers you all the good addresses and all the favorites of real New Yorkers.

In this guide, you can explore New York. Here, you will have the chance to discover unusual itineraries, secret corners of the Big Apple, famous museums or even the best places to taste delicious culinary specialties.

In total, these are more than 300 must-see addresses which are listed in this New York City Travel Guide. Of course, restaurants, bars, hotels and theaters are also highlighted. Some maps also allow you to locate each place.

New York, secrets of New Yorkers is therefore a good tool to prepare and organize your trip!

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New York, secrets of New Yorkers: why is it interesting?

His advantages

First of all, all of the information provided in this New York City Travel Guide is reliable and these come from safe source. Indeed, its author comes straight from New York and she is also a private guide in the Big Apple. She therefore knows the city very well. Moreover, in this guide, the explanations given are clear, detailed and precise.

The layout of this guide is very pleasant. The colors are attractive and make you want to discover it.

New York, secrets of New Yorkers is also very full and meets all expectations. Unmissable addresses, very touristy places and unusual activities are also listed in this guide. Depending on your expectations, you can therefore organize the trip of your dreams!

Its disadvantages

The maps only allow you to locate the neighborhood, but not the addresses. If you want to find a place, you will have to carry out a more precise search in parallel.

This list of New York City tour guides is of course incomplete. Currently there are many guides out there, but this top 5 lists the best in my opinion. In my opinion, these are the most complete, useful for organizing and preparing your trip. They are also of great help once there to find their way around. Now, all you have to do is choose the one that suits you best and enjoy your stay in New York!

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