TriBeCa: everything about the industrial district that has become residential

History of the TriBeCa district

TriBeCa is a former industrial area. This district was renovated in the 1990s and today, TriBeCa has become a famous residential area and very popular with celebrities. Over time, the warehouses became lofts and many shops and businesses were established in this area. Today, TriBeCa has become a sought after neighborhood and it is considered one of the safest districts in New York.

But TriBeCa also became famous thanks to an actor, Robert De Niro who created with other artists, the TriBeCa Film Festival and TriBeCa Film Center. Its goal ? Revitalize TriBeCa and lower Manhattan, financially affected by the attacks of September 11, 2001.

Today, TriBeCa is also a trendy neighborhood and it is one of the more expensive districts in NYC.

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A few words about the TriBeCa Film Festival

Following the attacks of September 11, 2001, Robert De Niro, Craig Hatkoff and Jane Rosenthal launched the TriBeCa Film Festival to rebuild the area affected by this terrible event. Thanks to this festival, New York has today become a real city of cinema.

Throughout the festival period, you can enjoy short films, documentaries and films for young and old. Activities are also organized and the Artist Award also takes place during this festival.

Also, if you want to enjoy an outdoor cinema, go to TriBeCa Film Festival Drive-in, where you can watch movies outside in one of the Hudson River harbors.

This year the TriBeCa Film Festival will take place from 18 to April 29.

What to visit in the TriBeCa district?

Because of its posh side, at TriBeCa you will not be surprised to find luxury boutiques and art galleries. While strolling in the alleys, you will also discover famous restaurants and an atmosphere specific to this district.

Here is everything you can do at TriBeCa!

Go shopping

At TriBeCa, these are mainly luxury boutiques that are implanted. If your budget allows it, do not hesitate to enter one of them to find the rare pearl. Of Art Galeries have also settled in this neighborhood; an interesting point if you like to discover works of creators.

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Take a walk in the parks

In addition to the shops, in TriBeCa, you can also stroll in several parks: Washington Market Park orHudson river park. These parks are great places to relax, but the Hudson River Park also offers a huge playground: Pier 25. On this land, young and old can have fun and enjoy the games and activities available: water games, deckchairs to rest and sunbathe, volleyball courts, climbing walls, mini-golf … Everyone can have fun!

Where to eat and go out: the best establishments in the neighborhood

For the restaurants, the prices are in accordance with the ambiance of TriBeCa; they are generally quite high. But if you want to eat in one of the restaurants in the area, I advise you to go to Takahachi, if you like Japanese cuisine. This restaurant is well known and offers à la carte menus as well as a wide variety of fish. And if you like sushi and sashimi, I can only recommend them to you; they are exquisite! This restaurant is located at number 145 Duane Street.

For meat lovers, I recommend the restaurant Tribeca Grill (375 Greenwich Street, New York, NY 10012) serving delicious meats! Moreover, the dishes are so good that this establishment is frequented by many celebrities. Also, did you know that the co-owner of this restaurant was none other than Robert De Niro?

To eat on the go or if you like burgers, head to Black Burger at number 386 Canal Street. The burgers are delicious, rich in taste and the prices are affordable.

Finally, for a drink, go to Anotheroom (249 W Broadway, New York, NY 10013), a bar with a warm and romantic atmosphere.

Where is TriBeCa located?

TriBeCa is located in Manhattan between Broadway, Canal Street, Vesey Street and the Hudson River. Here it is represented on the map:

As you can see, the district of TriBeCa has changed a lot over the years. If once it was an industrial district, today it is a residential area where many stars have settled and where prices are the highest in New York. But if you have the opportunity to find out, do not hesitate to do so. You will discover a special atmosphere and a bewitching district! I wish you a very good discovery of this famous TriBeCa!

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