What to bring back from New York? The best original and typical gift ideas

What to bring back from New York: typical gadgets

Tee-shirts, mugs et porte-clefs « I love New York »

Of course, you won't escape a few friends asking you for a “tiny souvenir from New York”. For those, don't hesitate to buy some fun “I love New York” gadgets. Key rings, pencils, T-shirts, mugs, the choice is wide!

Also, you will find this kind of shops everywhere, and especially in Times Square. Prices are normally low, so don't be fooled!

A miniature Statue of Liberty

What a ramener from New York ? The ultimate cliché, finally: The Statue of Liberty! Tourists in France buy tons of mini Eiffel towers in Paris, right? So don't hesitate to do the same in New York with the Statue of Liberty.

They are generally very inexpensive, which will allow you to buy several, to satisfy everyone! You will find all sizes, however I advise you to prefer the small sizes, just to have a suitcase that will go to the airport!

What to bring back from New York? The best original and typical gift ideas
Want to get even more cliché? Meeting on Liberty Island, the island of the Statue of Liberty. Buy your miniature of the statue in the shop near the pier, and take a photo of yourself with the real statue in the background! Cliché, but fun.

An american flag

Inexpensive and taking up no space in your suitcase, the flag can be a good option if you only know what to bring back from New York.

There are all sizes, from the very small to put on your desk to the huge, surely too bulky. If you choose a large format, you can hang it on a wall when you get home, in order to create an original decoration!

A unique cap

For cap lovers, New York is a true paradise. Whether it is in the image of a sports club, a comic book hero or other, you will find the cap of your dreams for sure!

The best known is certainly that of New York Yankees, the big apple baseball team. You've undoubtedly seen it before: it is the famous cap with the letters "N" and "Y". You will find it in many stores, especially in Times Square or in the official Yankees store. That said, if you're watching your wallet, go to Century 21, where you will find it at low prices!What to bring back from New York? The best original and typical gift ideas

Don't hesitate to buy your favorite team's one and wear it during a match. What pass for a real local!

For information, if you prefer basketball, the store at NBA is located on 5th Avenue.

Finally, you will be able to create your own cap. This is also my favorite option. Meet at Lids, a store dedicated to caps located at 740 Broadway. Besides their huge selection of already made caps, you can provide them with a design and ask them to reproduce it on a blank cap. You will be able to choose the size, location, color and font, in particular, if it is an inscription.

The perfect good plan to please your athletic children, or even adult friends!

Finally, if you are a bit more hipster than athletic, or want to stand out from the crowd, you can buy a cap from the Brooklyn Brewery. The latter, with a pretty retro design, costs only $ 15.

Des gadgets de séries HBO (Game of Thrones, Sex & the City…)

Do you know what to bring back from New York to your friends? Are they fans of Sex and the City, Games of Thrones or Entourage? Head to the HBO shop, located at 1100 6th avenue!

What to bring back from New York? The best original and typical gift ideas

There you will find a multitude of gadgets from your favorite series. T-shirts, mugs, bags, and even a replica of the dragon eggs of your favorite Khaleesi! What to make original and funny gifts.

New York snacks

If you are a foodie or want to give delicious gifts, once again you will be spoiled for choice.

M & Ms of all colors

First of all, I cannot say it enough: you owe it to yourself to bring M & Ms ! Peanut butter, almonds or mint, vary the pleasures and those of your friends back in France. For that, go to the M & M's store located in Times Square.

What to bring back from New York? The best original and typical gift ideas

A packet of Mac & Cheese

Also, what more typical to bring back from New York than a box of Mac & Cheese ? This macaroni and cheese dish is all the rage in the United States, so you might think it is a local dish! Economical and lightweight, these are the kind of fun gifts that will take your friends on a trip. Also, opt for the rather typical Kraft brand!

What to bring back from New York? The best original and typical gift ideas

From Pop Tarts

If you don't know Pop Tarts yet, please go ahead. This is my huge American crush. Certainly, this will not suit your healthy and athletic diet, but it is so good.

This is a kind of filled cookie (with Oreo, strawberry, marshmallow or whatever) that you can put in the toaster. When you leave, the inside of the cookie will be tender, hot, and delicious! My favorite ? Those with Oreos de Kellogg’s, of course.

What to bring back from New York? The best original and typical gift ideas

Once you have tested and approved, remember to bring some for your friends… And for you!

A wafer of Mast Brothers, New York chocolate

What to bring from New York for lovers of sophisticated and quality cuisine? The Mast Brothers are here to satisfy you. Located in Brooklyn, the famous chocolate factory quality offers many variations of flavors, such as pepper, cinnamon, and cherry. The adorable wrappers also play a lot, which makes for cute gifts.

What to bring back from New York? The best original and typical gift ideas

The good plan: go there on weekends, when the factory opens its doors and offers tastings ! Book in advance by sending them an email.

A gourmet lip balm

For fans of fun and original beauty products, know that you will find many lip balms with delicious flavors. Gingerbread, cinnamon or peanut butter are some examples. Pillsbury is one of the brands offering this kind of lip sticks. Something to satisfy the most greedy among you.

New York clothes and sneakers

A Hollister, Abercrombie or Aeropostale sweatshirt

You probably already know Abercrombie and Hollister. Very popular internationally, these two brands offer pretty comfortable sweatshirts with simple but adorable designs. Count around $ 50 to get yours.

My advice ? Go do your shopping on 5th Avenue, where you will find these two brands. Otherwise, their other stores are located in Lower Manhattan, at 199 Water Street (Abercrombie), and 600 Broadway Street (Hollister). Also, don't be surprised if there is a queue in front of the store, like in Paris ...

What to bring back from New York? The best original and typical gift ideas

Mon good plan : if you want to take advantage of reduced prices at Abercrombie and Hollister, check out the Jersey Gardens Outlet Store, located in New Jersey.

Then, if you want to aim a little more original, consider Aeropostale. A competitor of the two brands mentioned above, it offers clothing for young people to the background of trendy commercial music. In short, it's the perfect place to take your teenage children, or give them gifts. The prices are relatively affordable. You can find Aeropostale at 1515 Broadway in Times Square.

Levi's jeans

Much cheaper than in France, Levi's jeans at $ 30 or $ 50 can be found in New York! And since it's the big comeback of the 501, I advise you to go to Daffy's or OMG, resellers who offer a wide choice of jeans from the famous brand.

That said, you won't find such great prices in official stores. So prefer small resellers. Stroll along Broadway in order to find as many shops as possible.

Designer pieces from the Young Designer's Market

If you only know how to bring back from New York and you like new discoveries and small designers rather than big brands, check out the Young Designer’s Market.

Located in heart of Soho, this market is held every Saturday and Sunday, from 11 a.m. to 19 p.m.

You will find all types of clothing, as well as accessories such as jewelry or bags, all handmade.

What to bring back a typical and trendy gift, for lovers of avant-garde fashion.

The Flagship Converse and Niketown, for customized sneakers

If there's one thing you can't miss, it's the countless sneaker stores across New York City. There is something for all tastes, colors and sizes.

Also, you will find models that are sometimes almost unique, which certainly do not exist in France. And this often at lower prices than at home!

So don't hesitate to walk into these stores and try on the pairs you want. Do not rush to buy a pair that will not have totally seduced you: go to the next store!

Also, my three favorite places to buy sneakers in New York are the flagship Converse, Niketown and Reed Space.

Located at 560 Broadway, the flagship the Converse offers a wide variety of its sneakers. You will also see the American flag made in Converse. Rather impressive.

But the peculiarity of the flagship is that you can customize your shoes for $ 25 more! Choose the model you prefer, have more fun on one of the tablets at your disposal. Using software, you can customize the entire shoe, from the tabs to the sides, including the addition of a logo and even the customization of the laces!

What to bring back from New York? The best original and typical gift ideas

When shopping on 5th Avenue, don't miss the Niketown, which you will find at 6 East 57th Street. The famous brand extends over 5 floors! Something to make your head spin.

Just like at Converse, you can customize your Nike for around $ 30 in addition to the purchase of the pair of shoes.

The store offers of course a wide choice of shoes, clothes and accessories that you will surely not have seen in France yet.

Reed Space, the temple of trendy sneakers

If you are keen on fashion and want truly original sneakers and clothes that nobody will have in France, go to Reed Space.

It is a concept store offering almost unique models whose design will amaze you. It's a bit the equivalent of Colette in Paris, in short. So plan for a slightly larger budget.

What to bring back from New York? The best original and typical gift ideas

Free souvenirs: photos, metro card, entrance tickets

Of course, don't forget to take some pretty pictures. This is certainly the best souvenir you can bring back from New York. Don't miss the Top of the Rock view at sunset, or the Highline and Brooklyn Bridge.

Also remember to keep your tickets to museums, concerts, sports matches and other activities. It won't cost you anything, and it may well bring back pleasant memories when you bring them out.

And then, keep a dollar bill or a coin with the image of the city in your wallet, for the symbol!

You now have a multitude of ideas for gifts and souvenirs and should know what to bring back from New York. No more excuses now, fill your suitcase and please your loved ones ... Without forgetting yourself, of course!

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