What to do in New York in May: all the things to do!

What to do in New York in May: all the things to do!

The temperatures forecast for May in New York

In the month of May, the weather is clement At New York. The temperatures are mild and the sun shines. This weather therefore makes the month of May an ideal time to visit New York without being suffocated by the summer heat.

In May, there are also few tourists compared to July and August; an interesting point that allows you to visit the streets and different New York neighborhoods without stepping on each other.

What to do in New York in May: all the things to do!

May is also an interesting time for visit New York on foot. In your suitcase, therefore, plan clothes and shoes suitable for walking and do not forget a backpack and snacks during your walks!

As for temperatures, they are between 13 ° C and 22 ° C. So bring light clothes, but also a warmer jacket in case the temperatures are cool.

Holidays in New York

If in France the month of May is marked by many public holidays, in New York there is only one: the Memorial Day which takes place on the last Monday of the month (May 27, 2019). The purpose of this holiday is to pay tribute to all those who died during their military service or in combat. Memorial Day also marks the start of summer!

For this day of commemoration, several activities are organized in New York like parades and many locals take advantage of this holiday to walk, picnic, go to the Coney Island amusement park, go to the beach (see article on famous beaches in New York) , visit emblematic sites… During this day, there is no shortage of activities and young and old alike can have fun!

What to do in New York in May: the unmissable events

Le Five Boro Tour

What to do in New York in May when you're athletic? Attend the Five Boro Tour, the most important cycling event in the United States! For this event, more than 30 cyclists set off on their bikes and cross New York's five neighborhoods. In total, they almost walk 70 km !

If you are planning to participate, know that the route starts in Lower Manhattan. You will then head to Central Park, then head towards Harlem (the must-sees of this area are here) and the Bronx before heading south along the East River. You will then pass through the borough of Queens and Brooklyn, then you will take the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge. The course is quite flat overall.

What to do in New York in May: all the things to do!

This event takes place on the first Sunday in May. In 2019, it will therefore be May 5.

Dance Parade

On May 18, 2019, the Dance Parade. This event brings together different dance cultures every year and during this parade, the different forms of dance are in the spotlight (jazz, hip-hop, salsa…) as well as the beauty of this art.


La AIDS Walk NY is a walk that takes place every year in New York. It takes place in the streets of the city with a specific goal: to fight against AIDS. Since 1985 and every year, this march has brought together more than 50 people and raised millions of dollars.

This year, this event will take place on May 19.

Fleet Week

Du 22 to 29 May 2019, will be held Fleet Week. During this week, more than 10 navies from more than 000 countries meet in New York. For this event, ships are open to the public and military demonstrations are organized.

What to do in New York in May: all the things to do!

The majority of the shows given during Fleet Week are free, but do not hesitate to inquire beforehand on the official site (http://militarynews.com/app/fleetweeknewyork/).

Shakespeare in the Park

Shakespeare in the Park is an event that has been held every summer in New York and has been for over 50 years! During this event, Shakespeare plays are performed and for many New Yorkers, attending this event has become a real tradition! In fact, every summer, Shakespeare in the Park attracts more than 100 people!

The pieces are staged outdoors at the Delacorte Theater de Central Park and in general, the show begins when it is daylight (around 20 p.m.) and ends at night.

Attending Shakespeare in the Park is completely free, but it is necessary to purchase tickets. For this, you can either buy them on site or on the internet. Personally, I recommend the online version, because you might end up waiting hours at the park.

The gastronomic event organized in New York in May

After the cultural events, here is the gastronomic one to the delight of gourmets!

Le Ninth Avenue International Food Festival à Manhattan

The weekend of May 18 and 19, 2019, you can participate in the Ninth Avenue International Food Festival, the International Food Festival. Since its launch in 1973, this event has been very popular with locals and during these two days, the streets are celebrating, 9th avenue is closed to cars and the tasting of specialties is in the spotlight!

For the Ninth Avenue International Food Festival, over a million people flock to 42nd and 57th Street to sample the dishes on offer. During this weekend, do not hesitate to visit the various stands to taste various specialties from around the world!

Besides the tastings, many other activities are organized as shows, dance or even music. Something to amuse the whole family!

What to do in New York in May: sporting events planned

In May, sports events are planned. If there are no NBA games, however, you may attend a baseball meet from one of New York's two flagship teams: the Yankees or the Mets. If this experience appeals to you, don't forget to book your tickets in advance and online. For this, I recommend the site superbillets.com, a platform in French that offers affordable tickets for all games!

What to do in New York in May: all the things to do!

Another popular sport in New York is the Friendly. Several games are scheduled for May, so don't hesitate to go support the New York Red Bulls or New York City FC!

What to do in New York in May: visit the Big Apple in an unusual way!

If you're wondering what to do in New York in May that rhymes with originality, here are 30 ideas for unusual activities.

In May, the weather is good and is ideal for a little junior cruise course, You can not find ? This will allow you to visit Big Apple differently! Here are all the cruises organized in New York.

Discover the city aboard a bus hop-on-hop-off is another nice solution. Installed in an open-top bus, you travel the city and you will see the symbolic monuments of New York! During your tour, several stops are planned. You can either stay on the bus or get off to visit the neighborhood you are passing through!

Hop-on-hop-off buses are therefore an interesting and fun solution that will allow you to find out more about the place you are discovering (audio guides are available on the bus).

Otherwise, how about gazing out at New York from above? For this, plan a helicopter tour ! This magical experience will allow you to discover exceptional panoramas and take magnificent photos!

Other things to do in New York in May

Go to Luna Park

If you want to have fun with family or friends, go to Luna Park from Coney Island! This famous amusement park offers incredible rides: haunted house, roller coasters, bumper cars… You have the choice!

What to do in New York in May: all the things to do!

To relax, do not hesitate to stroll along the beach located just in front!

In New York, many concerts are also showing in May (click on this link for a preview of 2019) and many musicals are also scheduled on Broadway stages. If a show attracts you, click here to reserve your seats at the best price!

So what to do in New York in May? You now have everything in hand!


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