Where is the Marilyn Monroe metro gate

The cult scene from the film "7 years of reflection" with Marilyn Monroe

 The most famous scene from the movie "Seven Years of Thinking", a wonderful comedy by Billy Wilder (1955), Marilyn Monroe talks on her way home from the movie she just saw with Tom Ewell, then stops above 'a ventilation grille of the New York subway suddenly her white dress lifts up and lets glimpse the magnificent curves of the actress. The icon Marilyn Monroe was born ...

In New York, there are many subway vents that let hot air escape, don't hesitate to think of yourself as Marilyn Monroe even if I don't think it will have the same effect on everything if you are in jeans. 🙂

Good to know: The subway grid scene originates from a shot taken by a friend of Marilyn Monroe, photographer Sam Shaw. This one had photographed in 1941 a group of girls whose skirt of one of them raised in a gust of wind for the cover of the magazine Friday. The photographer proposed to reproduce this scene in Seven years of reflection.

We find this image of Marilyn Monroe on many derivative products such as t-shirts, posters, postcards ...

Where is the exact address of the metro grid

The scene was filmed at the intersection of Lexington Avenue and East 52nd Street.

 The biggest disappointment lies in the fact that there is no commemorative plaque or the like on the subway grid to inform the passer-by that one of the most famous scenes in the history of cinema is toured here, poor Marilyn Monroe !!!

Here is the video of the famous scene

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