Williamsburg, Brooklyn's new hip neighborhood

Williamsburg, Brooklyn's new hip neighborhood

How did Williamsburg become such a must-see in just a few years?

For most people who visit the Big Apple, New York is limited to Manhattan Island. Yet among the neighboring boroughts, if we cross the East River we can find some small pearls like Williamsburg the most prominent district of Brooklyn, this district at the base very popular (it was a district very frequented by the Latino community formerly ) has become in a few years a must-see place for all New Yorkers. In Williamsburg all kinds of hipsters, artists, bobos, intellectuals and students meet. A very nice area for a nice stroll or to party, you won't get bored!

The post-modern setting of the place with its old warehouses transformed into bars or art galleries, invites you to stroll. A district where a totally artistic atmosphere reigns… However, it remains a problem now that everyone knows this place, I'm afraid that the place will turn into a trendy theater for bobo and lose its authenticity.

Good to know about the Williamsburg neighborhood

  • Once accessible to everyone, rental prices are now reaching Manhattan prices, which is the other side of the coin.
  • Williamsburg is a landmark that graffiti artists and taggers highly appreciate, a cityscape worth a look.
  • The main avenue is Bedford AV, in this avenue you will find trendy cafes, shops and restaurants.

Williamsburg, Brooklyn's new hip neighborhood

 Williamsburg: the neighborhood to party

Discover Williamsburg on a stroll

Discover the best thrift stores in Williamsburg

To blend in with the decor, I recommend adopting a trendy and vintage style! to do this, indulge yourself in the many thrift stores in the neighborhood, the best known of which are the Beacon's Closet and Buffalo Exchange store.

How to get to the Williamsburg neighborhood by transport


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