Woodbury Common Premium Outlets: an outlet for great bargains!

Woodbury Common Premium Outlets: many brands and shops of all kinds

When you arrive at Woodbury Common Premium Outlets you will be surprised at how many stores are open: 220 ! Here, you will do good business, that's for sure! Among the stores, you can visit Adidas, Armani Outlet, Burberry, Calvin Klein, Converse, Disney Store Outlet, Fendi, G-Star Raw, Guess Factory, Levi's Outlet Store, Nike Factory Store, Puma Outlet, Swarovski, Timberland , Zales Outlet and many others (for a complete list of all brands, visit the outlet's official website)! You will therefore have a wide choice of shops and you can find all kinds of items at attractive prices!

An outlet or a bargainer's paradise!

Woodbury Common Premium Outlets: an outlet for great bargains!If you go shopping at Woodbury Common Premium Outlets you will enjoy very interesting discounts : -10%, -20%, -30%, but also offers like a purchased item = the second at -50%, for two products purchased, the third at $ 1 or an item purchased = one free. These reductions and offers are offered during all periods of the year; so you can enjoy it at any time!

Good to know: in most stores, you will not be able to exchange a purchased item. So remember to try it on and check its condition before going to the cash register.

However, even if no special offers are applied, be aware that prices remain very attractive. And if you're in New York during the sales, go there! You'll find more great deals (to find out all about the New York sales, go here)!

Woodbury: a pleasant outlet where it is good to stroll

Surrounded by green hills, Woodbury Common Premium Outlets is an open-air shopping center made up of white, timber-built shops, wide streets and squares. The decoration of the shops is pretty and unlike the other outlets, no large bins are installed inside. Sometimes there is also a line at the entrance to the stores, but be patient 😉

And if during your shopping session you get hungry, at Woodbury Common Premium Outlets, you will find something to eat: Shake Shack where you can taste the brand's famous burgers (if the weather is nice, take a seat on one of the tables outside to eat while enjoying the lovely view). But beware, even if it is spacious, Shake Shack attracts a lot of people. It will therefore be necessary to arm yourself with patience. If not, other restaurants and fast foods are open near the main entrance. You just have to choose!

Is this outlet more interesting than the shops in Manhattan?

In terms of prices, the answer is yes and no. Indeed, sometimes you will be able to do good business and find items at interesting prices. directly to Manhattan in SoHo stores or even at Macy's. But most of the time, prices are still more attractive at Woodbury Common Premium Outlets.

Woodbury Common Premium Outlets is therefore a great place to shop, but this one is located at one hour by bus. It is therefore necessary to plan an hour of journey to go and an hour to return and between three to four hours for shopping. During your stay, you will therefore lose a day. So it's up to you whether you prefer to stay in Manhattan and find sometimes more expensive items or plan a day at Woodbury Common Premium Outlets for bargains.

Woodbury Common Premium Outlets: an outlet for great bargains!

Quick tip: If you decide to go to Woodbury Common Premium Outlets, try to choose a sunny day, as this outlet is open-air. This means that the stores are outside and you have to go in and out all the time. When it rains or it's cold, it's not necessarily pleasant.

A Wi-Fi connection specific to each store is also available free of charge; ideal internet access if you want to seek information or show your purchases to family and friends back in France!

How to get there ?

If you want to get to Woodbury Common Premium Outlets, there are two options: car or bus. For the first, you will have to go through a car rental agency and for the bus, you will have to book your place on the Citysightsny site directly by clicking on this link. Once on the page dedicated to the reservation, all you have to do is reserve your ticket: the price is $ 30 per adult and $ 21 per child.

Several stops are planned in Manhattan and the bus ride takes one o'clock. If this period seems long to you, tell yourself that upon arrival an incredible shopping day awaits you! In addition, during your bus trip, you will be aboard a comfortable bus and you will be able to enjoy beautiful landscapes; so don't forget your camera!

And if you are stressed about not having more room when you return, be reassured! Your place is reserved !

Address and opening hours of the outlet

Woodbury Common Premium Outlets is located Central valley. Its full address is: 498 Red Apple Ct, Central Valley, NY 10917:

It is open every day from 9 a.m. to 21 p.m.. You will therefore inevitably find a moment to go there!

Woodbury Common Premium Outlets is therefore an outlet where items at attractive prices await you! It is also a great place to shop and where you will be sure to find some good deals! If a day at Woodbury Common Premium Outlets tempts you, don't forget to book your bus ticket! Good shopping !

And for window-shopping enthusiasts, here are all the great addresses in New York!

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